Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Blog plans: review and plans for the week.

Well as it does every week, hasn't the week flown by. It's Sunday  oops it's now Tuesday , how did that happen? (I was too busy having fun at the weekend to post ). Any hoo,  I'm overdue reviewing my blog plans for last week and for making some more ...

All in all I've done reasonably well with last weeks blog plan.

My post on making a phone sock pouch went out as planned on Wednesday.

I haven't even glanced at my posts in progress, however I did manage to do 2 posts last week, which I am pleased about.

I've updated my Link up and party page but I still want to add it to Evernote which I   forgot to do. 

Using the tutorial on  Code it pretty I was able to add an automatic blog signature to posts. I just need to reposition it from  after the email subscription box.

So all in all not a bad week, I didn't get to do the baking I'd planned but that isn't a bad thing as we're all trying to a bit healthier in our household. The linky parties last week were great  as always. I love being able to do these regularly because you get to know the other lovely bloggers better. If you haven't joined in a linky party yet, I highly recommend you do. They're great for meeting other bloggers, getting your blog out there and there is so much inspiration. You start recognising faces and blogs the more you do them and  imagine that will work both ways.

Now to this weeks plans
Saturday I went on a lovely walk with my boys, so I want to share some of the pictures I took with you. It was cold, wet and muddy but although our weather in England can be pretty dreary and miserable the British Country side is beautiful and we had a lovely day, particularly the pooches.

There'll be my 5 on a friday post as usual and I will hopefully complete one of my posts in progress.

*I haven't change my plans even though my review post is late so we shall see how the week goes and what I achieve.*

I am planning to join in a Craft challenge with 2 crochet hooks. February's challenge is a cereal box upcycle, seeing what creative things you can do with cereal box or similar material. 

I'm hoping to fix my blog signature and  I also need to fix my blog button. The one that actually matches my blog design didn't work for some reason, so I am going to try and sort that out. 

An ongoing thing I am looking into is how to improve my blog photos, so although I am not going to achieve this in one week, I want to look into things a bit more if I can. 

So that''s it, do you have much planned for the week? How have things been for you in January, do you feel you're on top of things? Have you got any linky parties or challenges you are planning to join in with?

I love to here from you, so leave a comment and let me know.

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