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So what's The Tales of Me about? 

Well my name's Kate, I'm in the later half of my 30's married to a wonderful man, Pete and we have a gorgeous dog Spike who often makes appearances on my blog.  We love to go canoeing, camping and exploring whenever we have the chance.  Our house is a full one as in 2010 my parents "The Olds" as they are known, (an affectionate term of endearment) moved in with us.  Not to forget Pete's working dog Alfie the Springer Spaniel bedbug sniffing super dog, (you can find out more about these boys and bedbugs if you follow the link to the Trust K9 website). It's certainly a full home but it's a happy home.

Because I love it! I really do enjoy blogging and I'm so happy I discovered the blogosphere and started up 'The Tales of Me'. After being diagnosed with MS I toyed with the idea of having a blog but it wasn't until 3 relapses later and the decision to start disease modifying drugs that I actually did it and 'The Tales of Me' was born.  I thought  writing a blog would be a perfect way for me to work through what I was going through and at the same time hopefully help others who read my blog, who may be going through similar experiences.  

So what should you expect to find on here?

For my own sanity, I don't like to focus on having MS so although part of my blog is about my experiences with MS, I also talk about all of life's little adventures both good and bad.  

When I started my blog it looked fairly simple and plain but as time has gone on I have learnt how to pretty it up and how to do even more geeky stuff.  I'm always looking on the internet and at other blogs I follow, for tips and new things to learn. For that reason I have started 'How To' posts passing on geeky stuff I have learnt about blogging and the internet. 

Now I am no computer whiz and these are things I have learnt by trawling the internet and experimenting with my own blog but they are helpful.  If you come across anything in my blog you want to know how to do or learn more about then I would love to hear from you.

A newly discovered hobby for me is sewing and getting crafty. The Craft Side of Me is where I share with you my latest projects and what I have learnt. From tutorials and projects that I have tried and tested from the web to my own tutorials.

A new feature on The Tales of Me is 

I'll love searching the internet for fabulous buys and beautiful craft rooms I can drool over and here's where I share my finds with you.

That occasionally make an appearance are:

Well that's the low down on my blog and me.  If you like what you've read so far then when you get to the end of the page subscribe to The Tales of Me to get my new posts straight to your inbox.  Half the fun about blogging is meeting new people and discovering new blogs. If you want to contact me to ask a question or would just like to chat then you can either do so by going to my 'contact me' page or by following me on Twitter or Facebook.


  1. Hi Kate,

    I stumbled upon your blog from the SITS girls. I adore people with pets and instantly get a feeling of mutual understanding. I had the most amazing pet who died just a few years back and I can never get over it. I haven't owned a pet since. I would love to hear more about Spike, Alfie and Vince. Oh and I salute you for being a strong person despite the MS. God Bless!


  2. Hi Rosey,

    thanks for commenting here, pleased to meet you :) .

    Thank you for your lovely comment. Ah that's sad about your dog. They are part of the family aren't they. I dread to think what I'll be like when that time comes :(

    I hope to get to know you better


  3. I came across your blog from the SITSgirl love challenge. And I am so glad that I did, I love how happy it is and how positive you are. Thank you for the reminder that not everyone is negative (a much needed reminder today). Keep it up


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