Happy Days

A page for happy memories that make me smile

Pete and  got married on the 1st November 2008.  We weren't lucky with the weather, it poured with rain all day long. We didn't even manage to get one picture taken outside.  The rain didn't spoil things though, it was still the most wonderful day.  (the picture of the heart is some moss we came across on Dartmoor which we thought looked like a heart, cool huh?)

In 2007 we got our gorgeous dog Spike.  We found him on a website called Dog Pages.  It's a website for rescues to advertise dogs looking for homes.  We had to drive up to Monmouth in Wales for him.  Best thing we ever did.  Bless him he was rescued from the dog pound, you could say he was on deathrow as his 7 days were nearly up when he was taken in by Fourpaws dog rescue.

This next lot of photo's are of when we first got our canoe and of our first paddles (that's what we call it when we're on the water).  Not the clearest of pictures but happy memories all the same.


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