Thursday, 4 August 2011

A time for action (well almost)

So, I have mentioned several times that I have a bad habit of procrastination.  Well no more, I've gone and done it. I've joined the gym!!!!!! Oh yes indeed I have.  Right, so have I made use of it?  Well I'm getting there, I  have started Pilates which I love and would definitley recommend. Its not easy but the instructor shows you different levels of exercise and you do what you can. It will be so beneficial as I seriously need to work on my core muscles.   I have been going swimming but I'm afraid apart from my gym induction, I have yet to venture inside the gym but I have it scheduled in for Friday. I'm a bit nervous about going the first time but once I'm there I'm sure I'll be ok.  Once I'm happy with using the equipment and stuff I'm sure it will be great.

The thing is I'm not one who loves exercise, I like how I feel once I've done it but I usually find it hard to motivate myself.  But love it or hate it I think its something that has got to be done.  Having MS isn't something I ever thought I would have to contend with but I got it and compared to many people with MS I feel very lucky.  I know I don't feel the same as before MS reared it's ugly head but it's nothing I can't cope with, it appears no obvious damaged has been done and I haven't been left with any permanent disabilities.  I don't want to get down the line whether its 2, 5 or 10 years and regret the fact that I never tried to improve my fitness before it was too lates.  Now, you can't stop the damage MS does if and when it occurs, but if you are in a better state of physical fitness in the first place I think it will help, i.e. if my muscles are stronger and body more flexible to start with, then, when I have a relapse, my body should not be as weak as it is at the moment (well that's the theory anyway!) My darling Husband often tells me I'm as weak as a day old kitten. Yeah thanks for that (well actually it might be harsh but its fair).

I was talking to a lady with MS who is in a wheelchair.  She is overweight and she can only mobilise minimally now.  She felt that in a way that getting a wheelchair was the worst thing for her because once she got it she let herself go and didn't bother to do any exercise which she felt in turn added to the deterioration of her mobility because her muscles got weaker. I also recently came across MS Renegades blog and one of her posts I found particularly interesting and inspirational was the five biggest mistakes she made since been diagnosed with MS.  I think that she makes some excellent points, definitely made me think.  Again she discusses her regrets for not exercising and trying to improve her health amongst other things.

Well I have been a serial gym joiner but non-user in the past.  But I'm turning over a new leaf and I am determined to stick with things this time, as I say I don't want to regret things in years to come. Watch this space, in a few months they'll be a fitter, slimmer new me typing

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  1. For me I'm glad I was in fair shape, staying in tune with your body will help you to notice changes sooner I know it helped me.


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