Friday, 5 August 2011

Oops that didn't go so well

Ok, so I made it to the gym but it wasn't the most successful work out.  Well that's an understatement! The gym has new fandangled machines where you use your card in each machine and its all programmed for you.  It was about 15 minutes before I even got on the the first machine as I was trying to get my card to work.  The gym instructor who was supposed to be working hadn't turned up which was rather annoying as I had no one to get advice from.  When I finally started exercising it was a serious struggle.  I managed to do about half hour of cardio stuff (on low intensity levels) and then cut my losses and left.  I hadn't realised its been about a month since my induction hence I can't remember the things I was told.   Before I left I thought it would be good to have another gym induction so I actually know what I'm doing.  It was disappointing and also quite shocking (although not surprising) to realise exactly how unfit I am.  It really has reinforced what I posted about exercise though.  I've never been a massively fit person but prior to MS when I have been to the gym I have managed to push myself and do a decent amount of exercise. But I struggled with the exercise I did (cross trainer, bike and running machine, well walking in my case).  It shows how much my fitness has deteriorated.  I can partly blame this on my little old friend MS but a big part of it also is me not doing any exercise bar walking the dog.  When I do my induction again I will explain this all so I can get a more realistic workout which I can build up from.  I shan't be giving up though I gonna be much stricter with myself, I can't be let myself go to ruin.

Oh well it will get easier and I will get fitter!  Positive mental attitude, that's what needed here.

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