Friday, 5 August 2011

Now that went much better

Well so far the Avonex injections have been going pretty well, side effects have been manageable and I'm feeling pretty good.  The biggest issue for me has been using the auto-injector.  It's a good device but it is making the injections a bigger issue.  I  find it really hard to press the button!  The first time I used it with the nurse present I was fine but I think that was partly because I didn't want to loose face in front of another nurse and I was concentrating. But now every week I have the same problem I hesitate and find it hard to press the damn button!  It's not like it hurts me and once the needle is in I have no problems, it's just that button.  Today I decided to dump the auto-injector and just inject myself.  The thought of doing it myself worried me less.  I'm so used to giving injections but not really used to auto-injectors! It was becoming a bigger issue than it needed to be.  Eureka! Finally!  I found it so much easier to just inject myself. No hesitation, needle sheath off, injection in. All done, no problems.  I'm  so much happier.  It didn't hurt and I bled less! So that's the way forward for me. That isn't to say that it is right for anyone else as I have been a qualified nurse for over 13 years and I give injections almost every day of my working life!! That's the sensible, responsible nurse bit out of the way).   Happy days.

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