Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Bathroom Fiddler

My dear friend Donna left a comment on a brief post of mine about the problems I recently had when posting on blogger, she said -

"Stop fiddling! Now google a poem called 'The Bathroom Fiddler'...! That's you that is!"
So google it I did and this is what I found, a Michael Rosen Poem from his book
I'm the bathroom fiddler,
The bathroom twiddler,
The foodler and the doodler,
The dawdler and the diddler,
I dibble and I dabble,
I meddle and I muddle,
When it's time for me to wash,
When I know it's time for bed.

When I go up to the bathroom
to get ready for bed
I don't get washed straight away
I fiddle and I muck.

 I pick up the toothbrush
and I bite the bristles,
I get the bristles in my teeth and I pull
I pull
I heave
I have a tug-o-war with the toothbrush
I'm winning I'm winning!
YEURCHK. My mouths full of bristles.

I get the can of talcum powder
I hold it in my hand
I drop my hand down fast
and out comes a puff of powder
but it falls to the floor.

I make the mixtures in the sink
pour in the shampoo and the bubble bath
whisk it all up to make the bubbles
then I say,
"OKAY you bubbles, you're finished."
At that,
I blow huge puffs of air
and the bubbles pop all over the place.

Then I stick my finger down the plughole
and scoop out the mucky stuff down there
and then I stand and dream
sucking on the sponge
on the sponge
the sponge

This poem did make me chuckle, or  the fact that Donna said it was me.  She wasn't wrong, I am a fiddler (ooh err), I'm also easily distracted, so I'll go to do one job and then start doing another.  But it also made me smile because it brought back childhood memories of standing in my bathroom at the sink or sometimes when I was in the bath and making lotions and potions with all the shampoos etc. Who as a child didn't want to put off going to bed, I know I did.

So thanks for that Donna.


  1. Haha! That made me literally laugh my socks off! We used to read this to the boys, because it also is Ciaran, and Elliot used to nearly cry laughing! Brings back such happy memories!

    But I'm right aren't I, it is you!!!


  2. Glad you enjoyed :) Thanks for the inspiration. I'd never heard it before but made me laugh too especially as yes you were right! LOL! But yes lovely childhood memories!


  3. Ha ha! This made me think of my son who was always making potions in the bathroom he drove me mad. Kate I fiddle with my blog too,there's not enough space for all I want to put on it.

    1. Great memories Anne, aren't they. I know you can get carried away can't you. I have to stop myself :)


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