Sunday, 10 June 2012

Beautiful Blogger, thank you very much

I am delighted to say I have been given another award! This was given to me a few days after the Kreativ Blogger Award, they're like buses there's none and then 2 come along, ha ha!  So the Beautiful Blogger Award has kindly been given to me by the Suzie Tullet author of Going Underground and her fabulous blog is

As usual if you accept this award, you accept the rules too.  There's only 3 little things to do, write 7 facts about yourself, link back to the blog of the person who nominated you, link to 7 bloggers you think deserve the award and then let those bloggers know you have nominated them.  So thank you so much Suzie, I was so chuffed to receive this award. See the links above to check out her debut novel and blog.

Right here goes, I'm going to have to really think about this as I only recently had to write 10 random facts about myself, so for once I feel I am running out of things to say.... well may be.

Seven Facts About Me

1.  When I get an idea in my head like making something for my blog, I get obsessive and keep going and going at it until I manage  it, even if it takes me hours.  God knows how many hours I have spent 'fiddling' with my blog, for example to get my pretty blog background and there's things I've spent hours doing and not even ended up using!

2. If I won the lottery I would love to own a bookshop/coffee shop so people could come and have coffee/tea and cake, buy their books or just sit and read.  I'd like and area in it with comfy sofa and chairs with a real fire for the winter.  I can just imagine how it would all be, very shabby chic/country cottage style.  A mish mash of all sorts of things.

3.  Ok, this may sound a little weird, I love fantasy/paranormal books/movies/programmes and think it would be cool if there was more to this world then what we know, such as witches, vampires and werewolves.  The actual logistics of this I am unsure of because I fear it would make life not only interesting but possibly difficult and dangerous.

4. The first car I owned was an orange Mini, her name was Sharon and I loved her.

The above is not my mini but it is very similar though.

5. I've always wanted to write a novel, it is an ambition of mine I'm not sure if I'll ever achieve as I'm not really sure of my writing skills but at some point in my life I may get round to it when the time is right.  After reading some of the books I love, I am in awe of how much detail, skill and effort goes into that novel, which makes me wonder of the reality of achieving my ambition.  From discovering new blogs and indie authors there may be a chance as I have time to develop my writing skills..

6. We own a red canoe, which sadly we haven't had much opportunity to use recently but we hope to get her back on the river soon. Our last big trip was around 4 days over around 70 miles, we paddled from Glasbury on wye to Monmouth, Hubby, Spike and I.  It was a fabulous holiday!  Can't wait to do it again.

7.  When I was around around 10ish, I did Karate.  I stuck with it for about 3 years and managed to get my purple belt but gave up soon after that. It's a shame really as the next belts would of been brown then black.

The last rule is to nominate 7 blogs for this award but the bloggers I would nominate for it have already been nominated themselves.  This also makes me realise I need to widen my horizons and discover new blogs.  So based on this realisation I have set myself a challenge of discovering 10 new blogs.  I will let you know what I find.  If I was going to nominate bloggers for this award I would of chosen

Donna Trinder
 Anne Mackle
Sarah Tranter

But these lovely ladies have have been nominated for this award already, which shows how worthy they are of it, click on their names to check out their blogs  I'm still counting them as 3 of the 7 blogs to nominate though and I'm going to take a rain check on the remaining 4 bloggers till I have completed my self challenge of discovering more fabulous blogs.

Hope you enjoyed and sorry for the lack of nominations but I will take a rain check and be back with a further 4 nominations soon.


  1. Congratulations Kate. Thank you for thinking of me again even although Donna got there first.When I took part in the Ato Z Challenge I found many new and wonderful blogs I had never come across before covering every subject under the sun and quite a few always return to my blog too. I find the more you comment on blogs and introduce yourself the more people you get coming and commenting on your blog too. I really dont like it when I take time to comment and some people don't return the compliment,its nice to be nice, everyone likes to recieve comments. Another waay to find blogs is just to click on the blogs other people follow. Good luck blog hunting and I'm sure you will write that book one day, and no we do not want zombies and vampires to be real lol!!

    1. Thanks Anne, I know Donna got in there first but is she hadn't I would o of nominated you. You're right about comments and stuff. Some of the book blogs I follow don't accept awards. I realised that a few of the people I follow on twitter have great blogs but I never had much time to check them out regularly. I am now going to make the time and effort. It's taking part in things like the A to Z challenge and stuff. As you say its a great way to meet other bloggers. I love doing the read along, I met lots of bloggers on that but they are all book blogs and that is their main interest. They also review books professionally so to speak. I'm want to do another read along but the recent ones I've seen aren't on books I'm interested in. I shall keep my eyes open for challenges and things too.

      Take care


  2. Now I want you to win the lottery too, if only so I can visit that bookstore you intend to open... And I absolutely adore classic, minis - I've had a few over the years and loved each and every one of them!

    Good luck with the writing, I'm sure you'll get round to it at some point and thank you so much for including a link to Going Underground. That was very kind of you x

    1. Ah lovely Suzie, you would be very welcome in my book store. Funny enough when I was writing my bit about the mini I thought one would suit you! LOL! It was pleased to put a link for Going Underground. I've started reading it. Really enjoying it so far. You never know I may get round to it but I have to improve on my writing first.


  3. Congratulations, and thank you honey xx

    We have the very same coffee shop as your lottery fantasy here in our garden centre! I shall tweet you a piccie! There is a lovely wood burning stove, and a corner with lovely leather armchairs/sofas in and a stocked bookshelf!

    Chris also has 3 mini's and got to purple belt a few years ago in karate! Are you the female form of him...?

    And I'm sure vampires are real...we watch so much don't we!? xxx

    1. Thanks honey. The coffee shop sounds lovely, please send me pics! Can't believe Chris has 3 minis! Sounds like I am a female version of him! lol! One point though I can't cook or bake that well! Ha ha! I know you were already nominated but if you hadn't of been I would nominate you for it! Well I have kind of but you don't have to repeat all the questions etc.


    2. Congratulations Kate - and bless you! I've taken part in this in spirit rather than reality :) Thank you. Hugs Sx
      PS I rather like your take on the paranormal


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