Saturday, 16 June 2012

Today Hubby and I went to have a potter around Reigate Surrey. It's got a charming little high street with some lovely shops. You have your usual quota of shabby chic style shops but then there are a couple of antique shops, which was what we were interested in. One was a more modern shop which had  furniture and accessories both new and old, it had a lot of lovely stuff, I fell in love with a 1950's set of Harper weighing scales which I really wanted to buy but they were 45 quid and wasn't  going to pay that.  It's funny though the price started at 65 quid and very quickly the man trying to sell it said he would give it to us for 45.  We said we'd think about it and glad we did , they were in great condition but looking at ebay this evening I could get some for a lot less.  They were so cute though and would have looked great in our kitchen.  That antique style shop was lovely but the shop we really fell in love was an enchanting little one which was packed to the brim with a world of history.  There was so much stuff in there you wouldn't believe it.  It was FAB!  Shame we haven't got lots of money to spend there.  We did buy an antler handle carving set which was really for Hubby but he was happy.  I just love antique shops there's so much history there, I love thinking about the story behind each piece.  This shop was even better than most everything was piled up high.  To really check out everything there you had to dig through layers of treasure.  Hubby and I could of spent hours rummaging round.

Here's a couple of pics so you can see what I mean, Bertram Noller (Reigate) -

A whole lot of interesting, don't ya think?  

Hope you've all had lovely days, anyone do anything nice?  Would love to here all about your days to.

Evening all.


  1. I love antique shops too but sometimes they make me quite sad especially the jewellery. I was looking in an antique shop in a bazaar in Turkey and coukdn't get my head around how many pocket watches were in it. Really really old ones but once loved by the owner, why were they sold? I would love to write a story about the and I will. I also like the shabby chique shops you talk about.

  2. I know what you mean Anne, it can be sad thinking about the story behind things and how they ended up there. You should write a story, it's a great setting for one! When I went into the shop I just had to take a picture because it looked so great inside with so much stuff in it.


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