Wednesday, 3 April 2013

More A to Z fun, today it's the letter C.

Were on to letter C.  C is for car boot sales, computers  CDs and children's TV of course.   I love to find bargains, rummaging round car boot or jumble sales to look for interesting things.  This is something I have loved doing from a young age.  I use to trot on down to the boot sales with my pocket money and buy all sorts of rubbish.  The main things I spent my pennies on were books and annuals.  I won't talk about the books I bought as those will come a little later in the alphabet but here's some examples of the annuals I bought.

Kids now a days are extremely lucky with the computers they have access to.  Touch screens and digital downlands are the norm for them.  I'm not sure how much they still use libraries but most of the information they need for their school work can all be found on the internet.   My God-daughter, even has a touch screen to sign the register to say she is in!

When I was first introduced to computers they weren't the sleek  compact computers we can get now.  They were so much bigger and bulkier.  Having an older brother and a gadget king Dad, we did get the different computers when they came out.  Look at the Atari below, a world of difference to the Xbox and Playstation.

You can't beat a good old 80's arcade game, well actually you can, what with Xbox Kinects and such computers now.

In the early 1980's we were told that some day our good old cassettes would be obsolete and compact discs would be taking over.  Well Cd's are still around but I couldn't tell you the last time I bought one.  I usually download things straight to my phone or computer.

Cassette And Ipod

Lastly below are a selection of the TV series I watch as a child.  The first one is Chorlton and the Wheelies, I use to watch it but Fenella the Kettle witch use to scare me! Actually by the time I finish my A to Z people may have a strange opinion of me what with my post for A and now this... I'm didn't spend all my childhood in fear, honestly.

  Now come on how freaky does Fennella look!

Did any of you ever watch this, Chock-a-block? I use to love this and wished I had my own chock-a-car.

Now everyone will recognise the ones below, Camberwick Green and Charlie Brown.

I hope you enjoyed my memories for letter C. There's plenty more to come so I'd love to see you back again tomorrow.


  1. You made me chuckle again...I love these memories!
    I don't remember the kids TV, for much of my childhood we didn't have a TV *violin time* which is how I developed my love of reading, but I DO remember that Atari!my friend had one & I was very jealous!
    Also re car boot sales, Ciaran is obsessed. I never know him jump out of bed faster than a Sunday morning jingling his coins! You've guessed it...WWE figures!

    1. Aww bless you Donna. It's so funny looking back at some of these things. Also looking at how basic some of the programmes were


  2. I loved annuals and got them every year.When I worked in a library they alsways got annuals in for lending,I got them all fiorst and had a right good read,I was in my thirties.I'm old enough to remember tape to tape recorders.

    1. It's funny for some reason I didn't by them but always managed to find ones at car boots. I have actually still got my hi fi from when I was 18 or was it 21 (I know it was one of the special ones) and it still works! That was a cd and cassette though We did have just tape recorders too ;)

  3. Well that was an awesome walk down memory lane. Love the Atari! :)

    1. Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it. I'm enjoying writing those posts because of the fun memories to look back on. :)

  4. i still love the arcade games---wonderful post :)

    1. He he I know! Thanks a lot :)


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