Thursday, 7 March 2013

March Spring Clean

Spring is in the air, well it was when I started this post on Tues, it had been a beautiful day in Surrey and it felt good to have the sun shining. I know I'm not the only one, spring is breaking out on many blog posts.   It makes you want to get organising and sort stuff around the house, well it does me.  Although instead of getting on with things I'm sitting on my computer.

Here are some great posts on organising, your blog, emails and Pinterest.

Some great tips about spring cleaning your emails, I reckon we all could do with doing it, I now I can since I have over 1500 emails in my inbox!

Whilst doing a little searching on the Internet I came across a great blog, Somewhere around here.  The link below is to a post the author Tam wrote last September.  She gives some great tips on spring cleaning your blog.  Every now and again I do a bit of sorting on my blog (and I'm not just talking about changing my blog design) but there are still a few things I need to do.

How about doing some spring cleaning of your Pinterest boards, Laura Jane Smith from Super Sweet Life tells you how

Starting this got me thinking so I did another little search and there are a few posts on spring cleaning you social media too! You can find posts and tips about anything and everything can't you.

Mum in the mad house gives you some tips on having a digital clean up. this last link is a great blog, with lots of tips and ideas for around the home, I'm sure you'll find something to help you with your spring cleaning.

So with all that said, in March I'm going to attempt to do a bit of spring cleaning, both at home and with my blog and emails.  Do you fancy joining me in a March Spring Clean? Even if there is just one job you need to do, set your mind to it and get it done!  My main focus is sorting out my email inbox's both personal and work!  That's probably enough to keep me busy and I really need to spring clean my wardrobe and clear out all the clothes I don't wear (a job I was suppose to do when I had a week off in February but I didn't).

If you decide to do a bit of digital spring cleaning then let me know what it is your doing in my comments.


  1. The beginning of this post is along the same lines as the one I posted yesterday we must have been thinking the same thing,lol! These look like great links Kate and Ill come back to them when I on computer instead of this ipad. I never thought about having a digital clean up but it sounds a good idea. I still don't understand Pinterest I do have photos on it but I don't know why.

    1. I know Anne, I've seen so many Spring posts already;) great minds and all that, ;D Shows how our blogger minds work eh! There are some good links there actually, defintely worth a check. I love Pinterest, there is so much great stuff on there, even if you just need to find ideas for presents and there are tons of yummy recipes on there as well :)

  2. Great post and tips. Thank you so much for sharing. #SITSSharefest

  3. Thanks for the mention. I'll be sure to check out the other links, too.

    1. Pleasure :) thanks for stopping by

  4. These are GREAT tips! I am definitely in need of a SERIOUSLY large email cleanout! It is ridiculous!

  5. These are great. I have seen some of them out there, but some of these are new to me. Spring cleaning feels so great and once you're in it, you can't stop! I become a bit of a maniac, I admit.

  6. Oh boy! Is it really that time of year?? I must get going on a couple hundred things I've let slide. Ugh.
    Great tips!


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