Sunday, 6 January 2013

Some free printables for 2013

Organisation, this is definitely one of my words for 2013.  There's a lot I want to do personally and I have a busy job too so organisation is important. When I'm organised I feel a lot less stressed and pressured.   So goals have been set, for some resolutions have been made but how are we going to stay organised and achieve all we want?  Worry not, there are tons of fabulous freebies out there to help you on your quests and I'm here to point you in their direction

Here's a few printable calenders-

free 2013 printable calendar
Call me victorian

Free Printable: 2013 One Page Calendar in Four Different Colors
Creative mamma also does a printable monthly calender too both calenders can be printed in 4 different colours.

There's lots of calenders on here -

2013 calendar printable

free printable 2013 calendar
Both of these are on

mini calendar 2013

Heart Handmade UK

Claire has done a great post with links to lot of lovely calenders.  If your not interested in the calender post check out all the other stuf on there, her blog is defintiely one of  my favourites.

Next here's some blog planners-

This is one of my favourites I've seen.

Free Printable Blog Calender by Amy at

I like this on from barleymoommy, it has a section or blog maitnainace and upcoming post.

 This is a nice printable to jot down your blog ideas.  The link takes you to her printable page and i you scroll down you get to the blog ideas planner.

Printable blog planner

A Bowl Full of Lemons

This is a nice simple planner.

This is great, I may use the weekly blog planner in it but I don't need any of the other stuff.  Could be good for someone whose blog is their work so to speak.

Well that's just a few of the calenders and blogs you can print on line.  Even if these printables aren't your thing, some of the sites are worth checking out because they have lots of other great stuff on them too.  For me I'm not sure if blog planners would help or not?  I often start things and then I get bored of it and it goes out of the window.  Working full time and then needing to get down the gym, fitting in friends and then I hate to say it there's housework too, I need to be organised or at least organisedish.  May be I'll just get myself a new notebook! That could be more helpful to me. My lovely friends @donna_trinder and @SuzieTullett would agree I'm sure! Just had a thought perhaps I should spend less time looking at these things on the Internet and get on with planning/doing stuff!  Ha ha, may be I'll do that.


  1. Kate you're putting me to shame with all these blog posts. Hmm! maybe I should plan what I'm going to blog about,I usually just wing it and sit at the computer and see what pops into my head.I do have a few half written posts that I go back to. I'm just not that organised and you know I've never really thought about it before,lol!!

    1. Thanks for comment Anne. I'm just catching up on posts that I wanted to do. I shall be slowing down a bit again now :) Had some days off so easier. I don't plan all the time. I try an djot down ideas when they come to me so I can do it later. I often start something then can't finish it so it stays in drafts till ready. These printables are all lovely and can be helpful but realistically I probably wouldn't use them for long. Quite good to plan things when your busy though and have lots of ideas.


  2. Very pretty! This will look perfect in my office ;)


    1. They are aren't they. Could be handy to use in office! Thanks for comment

      Kate :)

  3. Hi Kate. Thanks for linking to my blog post planner!


  4. I like the ones from Creative Mamma. I know which months I'm busiest, so I can just print those specific months in a certain color to be nice to my printer and ink. Haha! Jokes aside, thanks for sharing these, Kate! They'll come in handy for me. :)



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