Friday, 11 January 2013

♥It's Friday! Fabulous Freebies♥

It's Friday everyone! Well I thought that was a good enough reason to point you in the direction of some 'Fabulous Freebies'.

A while I go I bought a lovely recipe box which has been gathering dust on one of the shelves in the kitchen  (and that's not just because I rarely cook!), here's some pictures of it from an old post (sorry about the photo quality),

It does look pretty sitting on the shelf but that's pointless, so I thought it was about time to I  put it to better use (especially since I am now using the pretty Cath Kidston notebook I originally bought to write down recipes in as a blog planner now.) 

The problems was I didn't have any recipe cards to put in it so I've had a little search on the computer and once again found some lovely printable recipe cards to use.  What's even better is they are absolutely free, well except for the cost of your printer ink and electricity if you want to get picky!  

Here are a selection of the ones I thought were lovely, follow the links to the blogs if you want to download them for your use.
Matching 1 Recipe Cards with Dividers

Matching 2 Recipe Cards with Dividers
Version 2

Vintage Recipe Cards


free recipe card template example

Kitchen Blank Recipe Card

This is a fab and easy recipe card maker.

Here are some dividers too from Heart made - 

These came up in my search but are actually ones you by but I thought I'd share as the site has some lovely stuff on it.  

Indian Summer Coordinating Recipe Index Cards-

That's it for now, hope you like these freebies.  These sites all have lots of other great stuff and printables on them to.


  1. Thanks Kate,how do you find all those freebies? Did you read the website I told you about? Mum of all trades? You would love it.

    1. Hey Anne. After discovering those gingerbread houses I've just looked for more stuff, I get addicted to these things for a while. They're gorgeous though. If there's something I want to find I stick it in google then do a images search to see what comes up, that's how I find a lot. I haven't checked out her blog yet but will do!

  2. Stop it! Stop, stop, stop making me want to do these things! I'll print them all out, write them & bake nothing lol!
    These are fab aren't they! And Anne's right! Dara at Mum of All Trades is A-MA-ZING! She's a huge Martha Stewart fan too! Xxx

    1. He he! You do cook, what about the cookies? (I want the recipe please) I don't really cook just like pretty things although I did do a few things over Christmas and ended up not getting a chance to post about them so I'm saving them for next year! I shall check out Mum of all trades, definitely!

    2. I've dug my old recipe journal out and am making a cake tomorrow actually LOL! Shortbread recipe...might blog it next week? In fact I will! Oh, that means making more...shucks... ;) xxx

    3. I think Kate would love her blog,did you see the fairy lights post? Lovely ideas.

  3. Oooooh, so cute!!! I love them!! It almost makes me wish I cooked. (but I really don't need an excuse to print out adorable things!!)

    1. They are aren't they! I can't say I cook that much but I want them cuz they're pretty! :D There is just so much pretty stuff out there to print! Thanks for comment


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