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Hello 2013!

Very quickly into January 2012 I faced up to facts and scrapped any New Years resolutions I made and then made a Revolutionary Resolution. What ever do you mean? I hear you ask.  I decided not waste time each day/week/month thinking about the resolutions I wasn't doing much about!

The first definition that comes up in google from of resolution is

Now I think many of you would agree when we talk about resolutions we aren't making firm decisions were making more feeble attempts at resolving some of our issues.  Well that's decinitely me anyway.   So in January 2012 I decided to scrap the resolutions and make some 'life improvements'.  

What improvements did I want to make then? I wanted to get fitter and healthier, which in turn would hopefully lead to a little weight loss, stop procrastinating and get organised in my life and at work.  So how did I do with my 'me' improvements?

Between January to August I did get down the gym and started improving my fitness but then for one reason *cough lazy,looses motivation cough* and another I missed a few gym sessions and ended up only going once in September  Since not doing regular exercise I definitely feel a difference in myself and feel less healthy and strong.  I strongly believe it is an important to keep myself healthy and strong to continue the good fight with MS.  I am l very lucky and it seems someone is giving me a good chance to fight against MS for the time  being and it would be wrong of me to throw it all back in their face and not take care of myself.

I have procrastinated a little less but unfortunately it is definitely one of my bad traits still, so this is definitely something I need to work on this year.  I'm pleased to say I did get more organised at work but there are still improvements to be made.  I'm a work in progress.

So for 2013 I have goals and things I want to achieve.  I need to make changes in my life that will help me to achieve my goals.  One of my favourite blogs is Hearthandmade and Claire whose blog it is did an interesting post on goal setting and New Years resolutions  she includes links to some great free printables as well.  One warning if you check out her post there is the most gorgeous journal on it, which I thought I just had to have when I saw it but sadly it is now out of stock.  I love this image she used

smart goal setting concept

I might print out this image to stick on the front of my notebook or folder I will be using to help me on my quest to get organised and reach my goals.  My problem often in life is I make unattainable goals or plans.  For example pre-Christmas I had lots of plans of things I wanted to make and do but I left myself no time do them and was trying to do too much,  I think it would do be good to take heed of SMART goal setting.  Follow the link to Claire's post to read more about it and she directs you to the original post about goal setting -

So what are my goals?  I shall split them into 5 groups work, life, money, my blog and fun.

I haven't really focussed on my career much in the last few years, probably since my problems with MS started.  When things settled with the MS I was then thinking about having a baby and now I know that's not happening I need to focus on my career.  So this year I will be doing my physical examination course, which is something I need to do before I can go on a Nurse prescriber course. So over the next 2 years There are two more qualifications I want to get under my belt.  An ongoing goal for me is getting organised at work too!

I haven't finished writing my 'to do list' for 2013.  This is a list of things I want to do personally and around the home (Hubby will have to help do most of the home bit).  In order to tackle my to do list I need to get organised, make 'attainable' plans and stop procrastinating.  It HAS to be done, I need to get fitter and back to the gym! So time management is going to be an important factor for me in achieving any of my goals (and something I'm pretty poor at). I say I'm pretty poor, I just try and squeeze in too much or get carried away focusing on the wrong things.  Getting organised is of great importance for me in 2013 as there is so much I want to do and if I'm not organised then that will all go to pot.  I have a lovely new sewing machine I need to get to grips with and then with all my other plans like getting fit, I really am going to have to manage my time well.  

Money is often a problem for people and we are no exception.  In theory we should be ok between Hubby and I but in reality things often go wrong, sometimes are fault sometimes not.  A goal for 2012 is not to make any stupid cock ups with money! I'm determined to get more organised (it's that word again) with our money. We shall see...

I love my blog and hope to develop it further in 2013.  I would like my blog to grow and see a few more people join my blog community.  As part of this I want to develop my skills as a writer, I know  I just write on my blog but I'd like to improve what I do.  I have always had a little dream about being an author *rolls eyes* I know, I know so many people say this.  I have no immediate aspirations to do so, I haven't got the time or the skills to do so right now but who knows in the future.  But what I  do  want is to make my blog the best it can be. Note to self - I must not spend hours focusing obsessing over the wrong things e.g. make changes on blog and plan out my blog posts and time spent on blog better!

Fun, indeed. I want to have lots of it!  on I'm not sure if having fun should be a goal but then thinking about it fun is important too, isn't it.  Really what I mean is there's things that Hubby and I like to do *hey keep it clean now* which we haven't done much any of in the last 2 years! Canoeing and camping!  Looking back at my previous New year posts I couldn't believe that we hadn't been camping for 2 whole years.  So getting out into the wilds is definitely a goal for 2013!

This post is later then planned but hello 2013, here I come! Next year it will be a very different story! 

What are your goals for 2013?  How are you going to go about achieving them?  Any tips please let me know.

p.s check out The Tales of Me tomorrow, I have found lots of lovely printables you may want to use in your quests of getting organised or achieving your goals or resolutions in 2013


  1. Great post - fills me with terror though. I don't plan, seems to set me up for a fall. And I tend to live each day as it comes. To me, you can plan all you like but fate always steps in! I trust my choices & tend to just go with it!
    I plan our day-to-day life meticulously though, just don't set myself tasks, goals as such...if that makes sense! :)) xxx

    1. Fills me with terror too Donna! Ha ha! You are right about fate! I have to plan with work and stuff though or I'll get in a fix. These goals are long term for me. I often make plans though and they don't come off, I think plans have their place but it's hard as plans that I made last year got their but kicked by fate (eg cars breaking down and costing money etc). Ah well we'll see. I have to plan the gym else I won't go!

      Thanks for comment Hun!


  2. Thanks to outside forces, so much of what we want for ourselves can be out of our control. I love the fact that all your aims for this coming year are within your grasp and most definitely achievable. Will be cheering you on from the guidelines, Kate x

    1. You're right too Suzie. I think I've picked goals which are achievable. Well they're certainly with in my grasp so it's down to me if I achieve them really. They are things that have got to be done. The money thing is always a difficult one and often where fate kicks its boot in, this is where my plans always go wrong.

      Thanks for comment, have visions of you with your pom poms shouting 'go Kate go' he he!


  3. Damn you auto correct... That should read "from the sidelines" x

  4. Happy Sharefest!

    I love how you looked up the definition of resolution. I think if more people knew what a resolution actually meant (a firm decision) than people would be a little more careful about what they made a resolution or be more committed when they did make a resolution. Thank you for sharing that. It's amazing what a little dictionary can teach you!

    Best of luck with you goals in 2013!


    1. Hi Sara-Marie, thanks for comment and stopping by. That is probably the first time I looked up the word and it made me laugh as when we make resolutions we never make firm decisions well I know I don't. We probably should be more aware of the meaning of words shouldn't we ;)


  5. I have always liked the SMART acronym because it keeps things specific. I try to do a yearly goal sheet as well, and it is very helpful! Stopping by from SITS.

    1. Thanks for comment and stopping by :)I hadn't heard the SMART acronym before but thought it was great and helpful when thinking about goals.

  6. Hi Kate, I just discovered your blog through SITS Sharefest, and I can't wait to read more. I'd like to encourage you in your goals, it seems like organization is a key theme and you know what - your blog post about goals was very organized. So, you are on the right track!! :)

    Sidenote: I know it's not the same as MS, but my husband has a disability, because of a spinal cord injury. We co-write our blog about life and love and marriage and faith and managing a disability. I have a feeling we will be able to relate to each other, and I look forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Dana,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words and encouragement! Organisation is definitely the key theme and one of my words for 2013. I'm not really an organised person but feel so much better when I am so I'm really trying.

      Glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know you some more.

      Kate x

  7. Hi Kate I found you through Sharefest too but see how unorganized I am I'm only now catching up on all my blogs.

    I think it is great you added some fun goals. I think it gives you something to look forward too and helps make goals feel less like chores (well as least it feels like that to me :).
    Have a great weekend-

    C @ annuary chit

  8. Great list and I love your approach to tacking your goals!


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