Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's been sad days here in England

So it's been a pretty bad few weeks in England with the delightful scumbags looting and rioting.  Scary business eh?. Actually it is so sad.  How so many people's lives have been affected by the mindless thuggery of others.  Hubby and I were driving to his bosses house on Friday and had to go through some of the affected areas.  So many shops had been bordered up, some as protection but most of them because the windows had been smashed in!!!  And for what??  What's scary is that although mainly "youths", there were people of all ages and backgrounds, not all came from "deprived" backgrounds.

I have stolen this (with permission of course) from my Hubby who posted it on Facebook.  I thought he made a good point.  Not sure what other's opinions will be of it. But we kept getting so frustrated hearing people on the news etc making excuses for the anti-social behaviour of what I would like to think of as a minority of British people.  I'm afraid I do not believe it was for political reasons, or because people (youths) felt they didn't have a voice or they were angry with the Government.  I sincerely doubt that the majority of the people involved had the first clue about politics.

Whatever the initial "cause" for the original protest the wanton lootings and destruction of private property removes any credibility from people with a genuine grievance!  There are some quaint customs in Britain called  personal responsibility and due process!  If you have a reasonable grievance then allow due process to take it's course (if the outcome is still not satisfactory peaceful non-destructive protest will go along way towards gaining mass public support).  Personal responsibility means that each of us has to accept the consequences of our own actions! That is to say that there are thousands of underprivileged disadvantaged people that are not out stealing BECAUSE THEY REALIZE that they would only be drawing even more money and resources away from areas that it is the most needed! do these mindless idiots (so called community leaders) not realize when they are trying to justify the riots by saying that the kids have nowhere to go that the government now will have to spend millions (that they haven't got) to put the mess right that these morons have caused thereby further perpetuating the downward spiral of funding for the most deprived areas?

Now some may read that and think that it is unfair and harsh and some may agree.  It is just my opinion (and Hubby's).   

I think we should all be proud of where we come from, no matter what are nationality but sadly at times like these that you are saddened and embarrassed.  Well I am.  Then again when you see how community's come together to clean up the mess and support each other then you can say that's what being British is about.  It angers me so much to think about the devastation these people have caused.  Innocent law abiding citizens have lost their homes and jobs amongst many other things.  All for what?  What cause?  Just because you have supposed grievances it gives you the right to destroy others lives?  I think not.

Feel free to leave your comments (good or bad).  It would be interesting to here your opinions.

That's enough ranting from me this evening.  I shall be back soon with my more happy self..........

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  1. I agree it's called cutting off your nose to spite your face. Unable to see the cause and then the effect of their actions has had on everyone else including themselves. Can't get small minds to see the harm they have done it's all about me, me and me! I'm sorry to say you can teach and teach, but you can't learn for them. Later they will say don't blame me or treat badly what else could I do. I say tell them stop following and lead by finding a way to help and not hurt. It's the best way to make life better for everyone! I hope things get better over there soon. mkm


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