Saturday, 6 April 2013

F is for family, friendship and food poisoning

F is for family and friendship, my  immediate family was my parents and my brother.  Are little family unit is a small one and my brother being 12 and a half years older then me, wasn't really interested in playing games with me.  By the time I was old enough to play games he was off out with his friends.  Lucky for me I had my cousin who was 2 years older then me and my best bud Nik (mentioned previously in my best friend post for the letter B) who was a year older then me.  We grew up together and had plenty of fun even if I was harmlessly bullied by the older ones 

If Nik reads this though she will say she didn't I'm sure and may complain that we were never allowed to play with my toys and use to play with hers which inevitably got mucked up.  All true I'm afraid though.

Here's a doll that we both had but only played with hers, it was a special doll and my mum wanted me to keep it nice, it wasn't really meant for playing, more for show.

We did have fun growing up together though, we spent most of Friday or Saturday nights together.  Well we did use to have lots of fun except for when, F is for food poisoning!  My wonderful BFF gave it to me.  She concocted a pudding for us from spray cream, I think they were coco-pops or something similar and ice magic, a chocolate sauce you could pour on to ice cream and such like.  I'm not sure if it was the combination of foods, the volume we ate or that the cream was off but both ended up sick!

From the TV archives -

Finger Mouse

Fraggle Rock

It's about time for another Disney Movie, The Fox and Hound, this was a lovely film if a little sad in places.


  1. BrillianT! I remember Fingermouse... and now I'm singing the sig tune, thanks a lot!!!Thought about doing A-Z - decided it was just a bitty too much of a challenge for me ancient brain!! Well done you - and Ros, Anne etc. Respect.

    1. Thanks carol. I'm kind of enjoying it but not. It's a lot of work although my topic is pretty easy so to speak and fun to research.

      Not sure if I'll do it again...

  2. Fingermouse and fingerbobs,yeah! I remember having some toys I had to keep good and not really play much with them,silly,toys are meant to be played with.I had a huge bride's doll must have been about 2ft tall. It was made of real hard china and her hair was in an up do but you couldn't take it down or brush it.Her dress was masses of material and it couldn't be taken off,pretty pointless,I hated it.

  3. Did you have to tell the whole of the Internet about my culinary faux pas! At least I am less experimental now. Can't believe you are flaunting that Punky doll- when mine died so many years ago
    :( Do you still have your Cabbage patch dolls?

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU!!! 36 years of fun, laughter and friendship. Loves ya xx

  5. I think family and friendship are two of the loveliest words that start with F. :)


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