Monday, 8 April 2013

G is for growing up, Grandparents, ghosts and a great big happy birthday to me!

Growing up is never easy, it can be difficult going through the awkward stages of growing up, from child to teenager and then teenager to adult.  When we're young all we can think about is being grown up and then as we get older all we want to be is young.  Actually I don't envy the youth of today, in some ways they have so many opportunities and access to things that 20,30 40 years ago people didn't even dream of.  But at least when I reached my 20's I was able to start saving and I had a hope of buying my own place but now, I wonder how my niece or nephew we'll ever achieve that.  Not for want of trying but because the way things are now.  

In many ways I still haven't grown up, I'm still a big kid at heart, Hubby and I often watch kids cartoons and one of my guilty pleasures our programmes like Gossip girl, One tree hill and 90210.  More for teenagers and young adults then a women who turned 36 today! Ha ha! I have only just clicked reading this I'm doing a post about growing up and it's my birthday today!  Eek 36, in my heart I'm still that little girl enjoying my kids TV.

I even have a pencil case which I keep things I use for work in, Ii saw this in the pound shop and couldn't resist even though I am way to old for it!

G is also for Grandparents.   I only knew my Dad's parents as my Mum's parents never came  over from India and sadly have both died now, in fact both sets of Grandparents are gone now.  My Grandparents that I did know, I loved dearly and have many wonderful memories of them.  Both my parents worked and my Grandparents used to look after me.  They looked after lots of the cousins and we all loved it as they let us get away with so much!  Well, that's not the only reason we loved it.  They used to take me to nursery and I hated going there I wanted to stay with them, I used to cry so much they'd take me home and I'd spend my time with them.  I loved going to their house, a lot of the children's programmes remind me of them as I'd watch them there.  The only thing I didn't like about visiting them was the boy next door, well I was friends with him but I was always a bit wary of him as he had a pet tortoise which use to weird me out and he use to chase me with it!  What ever the Grandchildren wanted to do they usually let us. We use to splash around in the front garden in washing up bowls??? No swimming pool, lol! we didn't care we use to have so much fun with them.

Did you have any ghost stories that were associated with you school.  We had the Grey Lady, you found out about her back in infants school and the terror of her continued growing until you finally got to Senior school.  I went to St Philomena's Convent School in Carshalton Surrey.  I can't quite remember how the legend went but it was something along the lines of saying 10 Hail Mary's backwards and she would then appear.  It was a large school in some beautiful grounds and there was plenty of places in it that felt spooky so it didn't take much to get imaginations running wild.

I desperately tried to find some really old pictures of my school but couldn't so here's just a couple of more recent ones.

I just had to share these quotes and photos, they did make me chuckle

I refuse to admit I'm growing up

dog puppy animal lying sleeping couch just like dad grow up funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol
From the TV archives

Do you remember Grotbags, I thought she was great, she was the the villain and nemesis of Rod and Emu in Emu's World and the later in Emu's all live Pink Windmill show.

Grange Hill started in 1978 and ended in 2008, it was one of the longest running British TV programmes.  That's a lot of different generations that watched it.

Another them tune that use to get stuck in you head, Gummi Bears

Does anyone remember this song? Are brings a tear to my eye.

That's it from me, I'm off to enjoy my birthday, in celebration of the little girl still inside me, I think I'm going to run around a park, climb a few trees and eat lots of sweets.  Ok, who am I kidding, I will probably go to a nice coffee shop or cafe for a spot of lunch and do a bit of shopping.


    I hope you have a fabulous day! <3 <3

    Love this post! While I refuse to believe I am growing older...I'm sure it's a myth, I do love the memories of kids tv you post! I mean, I don't remember them *coughs*
    Grotbags terrified me! I used to hide behind the sofa quivering!

    We had a ghost story at out school, and since leaving I've looked into it a little more, found some very interesting info! It was a monk apparently, and a boy from the school did die in the 50's - he was playing a monk in the school play? He hung himself from a tree just along the lane from us :S


  2. Thanks my lovely friend!

    Eek that sounds creepie! I tried to look up more about the Grey lady but couldn't find anything.

    I love researching all these programmes, there are a few I forgot all about untill I saw them on web.


  3. Happy Birthday Kate!!!! Loved your post.I'm trying to be the best gran I can be I want to let her do all the things that are wet and messy in fact I have just ordered a water and sand table for the garden for her.
    Yes my school too had a ghost,don't they all?
    Loved grotbags I think she was on with Emu,I couldn't watch it now though, some things you just can't. The boxer dog in the photo is just like the one I had she lay like that too.

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm still a kid too, even though I'm 40. :)

    1. Ah thank you :). Who ever wants to grew up it's more fun being be kids ;)

  5. A lovely post and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Your blog is lovely i'm adding you to Bloglovin right now! xx

  6. Hello and Happy Birthday!

    Loved this post, bought back memories of time gone by...


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