Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for escaping...

E is for escaping into fantasy worlds.  As a child I loved nothing better then exploring new and fascinating worlds though books, movies and TV.  Although through books was the best as you could let your imagination run wild.  It is something I have never grown out of. In Thinking about fantasy worlds how did I forget to talk about The Chronicles of Narnia in my C post! Doh!  I think most children have imagined walking through their wardrobe into a new and wondrous world, haven't they. Any hoo, when I was younger Enid Blyton was one of my favourite authors.  I loved so many of her books.  The first books I started with was the Faraway tree series.  I just loved these books so much. Often when I was trying to fall asleep I use to imagine myself going on an adventure up the Faraway tree.  I wanted to be like Jo, Bessie and Fanny and live by an enchanted wood. What child wouldn't want friends like Moonface, Mr Watzisname, Silky and the Saucepan Man.   Then there's the Wishing chair.  Now I definitely wanted a chair that sprouted wings which would fly me anywhere I wanted. (I really didn't want much as a child did I).  These books really triggered my imagination.

As I got older I moved on to Malory Towers.  I first discovered The Malory towers Series on one of my jaunts around a car boot sale.  I found quite a few of these books at one.  These were the first books that made me want to go to boarding school, it always seemed like a great place to be with much fun to be had.  In reality I'm sure I'd of hated it but in my imagination, boarding school was fun and fabulous!

In bed this morning I remembered a toy beginning with E, it is one from my childhood, Etch a sketch. Etch a sketch was first introduced in the 1960's was still going strong in the 70's and 80's (my era) and it's still around now.

What fantasy worlds did you like to escape to as a child?  What about as an adult? keep it clean please ! The ultimate boarding school, Hogwarts springs to mind.  I have particular penchant for magical things, so a magical world would be my ultimate fantasy world!

p.s I'm at a Wedding today so may or may not be able to check out peoples posts but I promise I will make up for it tomorrow and check what today's and tomorrows :).  I shall endeavour to do my best though.


  1. I am unfamiliar with most of the books you mentioned. I'll have to look them up.

    To answer your question, I did like the idea of a wardrobe that you could enter and go into a different world. I wouldn't have wanted to deal with the White Witch, but there was something intriguing about it being snowy cold, and mythical creatures, and excitement there. Always one of my favorite books.

    I also remember being hooked on the "Katie John" series. It has been too long to remember much detail, but she seemed to live in this comfortable little community in an old Victorian house with secret doors and I remember wishing my world was more like hers.

    Nice to meet you through the A to Z!

  2. Etch a sketch! What a memory! I hated mine....just couldn't do those damn circles & the lines that you could never break lol! Grrr!
    :)) xx

  3. I had an etch a Sketch in about 1967,how happy we were then with just straight lines.
    My books were The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton.I wanted to go on adventures to old lighthouses,smuggler's caves and get lost in a forest. I also wanted to go to boarding scholl and have late night feasts in the dorm.
    Is Anyone There


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