Friday, 9 May 2014

Currently Coveting

When I should be concentrating on more important things or when I'm having a break during my studying I like to peruse all the gorgeous things I'd like to buy, craft projects I would like to make or I enviously drool over images of beautiful craft rooms. I'm the kind of gal that likes to share so I thought why not share things that I am currently coveting with you.

DISCLAIMER - The author is not responsible for any money spent or hours wasted perusing the web!

Recently I discovered that at H & M apart from lovely clothes they do lots of cute stuff for the home! Quite a lot of their stuff is pretty quirky but I love a lot of it. Now I had planned this post a while ago so some of these fabulous things from H&M that I was coveting I actually have! Well I bought some with my birthday money and the gorgeous cake stand was a present from my Mum, or it will be when it finally arrives!

I love this metal tin, it has two tiers and I thought it would be perfect for storage in my craft sorry the study (I am slowly bit by bit taking over it).  It wasn't a bad price at £7.99. (One of my purchases)

These china cups are kind of odd but cute, I bought myself the raccoon one, not bad for £3.99

I just love this little raccoon.

These hooks are a gorgeous colour and I have plans to use them on a storage peg board that when I can buy the bits I'm going to make. These were £3.99.

This is the sort of thing I mean, a great way to store little sewing or craft items, they can make great jewellery stands too.

I love this cake stand, the colour is so gorgeous, I am currently waiting for it to be delivered, I'm planning on using it to store some of my smaller sewing items. This is £14.99.
They do several of these small dishes in different patterns a snip at £1.99. I quite like this Aztec pattern.
How cute is this watermelon beach bag, not bad at £3.99.
I'm liking this stripy basket, would be great to store things in, not sure of the price though at £14.99. 

This net bag is £4.99, I love the colour, you could hang it on a hook on the wall and use it for storage.
How cute is this cushion, I love the furry ears, they also do one with bunny ears. Price £6.99.

Lastly here's a picture of the pink tin and raccoon cup on my desk.


  1. Lots of great stuff here, am now coveting too x

  2. I absolutely love the storage peg board!! I'm going to have to make one of my own now!

  3. That little teal stand is SO CUTE!! Great picks here!!

  4. Oh no… now I'm going to go break the bank at H&M!


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