Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Lost your mojo?

 Ok, I have a problem, my blogging mojo just isn't quite there at the moment, basic ideas of posts and the kind of things I want to write are there but when I sit down at my computer the words I need to write aren't?? My Hubby may be surprised by that as he would say words never seem to fail me!
It's not only that is a problem,  I love to sew, so when I have an idea, I plan how I'm going to go about it but when I go to start I find I can't?? Now what is going on here? Ideas and inspiration but no motivation? Saying that I was all in the mood to start my latest project the other day and unfortunately I managed to cut my finger with my rotary cutter! Ouch! Thankfully I didn't do too much harm but my heart did jump when I did it as they are mega sharp!

What do you do when you get lost, when your mojo wants to lay low? How do you find it again?

I thought to help myself out I'd get back to basics and think about why I started blogging and what I loved about it. We can loose our way sometimes or have too many ideas and no direction.

In the beginning I started blogging to help get through being diagnosed with Multiple Slerosis and it did help. If this is the first time you are stopping by you can check out my older posts which tell you my story and how The Tales of Me came about, just look at my blog archive or labels to the right. Well as time went on and I got to grips with things I found I didn't want to focus on MS, things were so much better (and they still are) I wanted to put thoughts of MS to the back of my mind, well as much as you can, it's not easy to do when some of my regular patients I see have it and there's the weekly reminder of an injection too. But generally I give little thought to MS.

I blog about my life, the good and the bad and the things I love. I like to share on here my new craft or sewing projects and things that I have learnt in the hope that like initally blogging about MS this can help others too.

One of the big problems for me when it comes to blogging, is time. I work full time as a nurse in a GP surgery, so it's a very busy job, I am currently on my Nurse Prescribing course which involves lots of study. Then there's family and friends and home responsibilities, I don't have children but there's still lots to do. So like most of you out there life is very busy therefore it is important to plan your time and be organised.

Ahhh, I see, that's where I might be going wrong, I am not particularly organised and not so good at planning my time. Well actually I can plan my time but then find it difficult to implement said plans.

Well what can I/we do about this issue?

Scanning the Webmosphere, there are lots of printables to help you get organised, from meal planning for the cooks out there to planning your blogging calander. Below are some links to some free printables

This an old post of mine with links to some cute printables, it includes some calenders which are now are out of date but I've included it for the blog planners


This is from andcute.com.

This is a really cute design from the Flourishing Abode.

Here's a blog planner from Organising life.

So those should keep you happy if your a paper kind of gal. I love the printables but I prefer to use my tablet to help keep me organised. As pretty as printables are, I spend more time looking for cute ones then actually putting them to use!

Now a days, everyone has a smart phone, be an iPhone or Android and in addition lots of people have tablets or iPads.

I'm an Android girl but the apps I am going to tell you about are on apple too.

Firstly I'm going to talk about Evernote. I LOVE Evernote, the more I use it, the more uses I find for it and the more I love it. I first discovered it a few years ago and admittedly didn't really put it to good use, I can be a bit app happy and download all sorts of things but never really use them.

Earlier this year I came across a fabulous post which reminded me of my reasons of getting Evernote in the first place and inspired me to see how it could help get me organised. So check out Lydia's posts from The Sun Shines Blue on Evernote. There of lots of other great posts on her blog you should check out too.


This is another post I found about making a check list table in Evernote, which is so helpful, I have done one for my monthly budget which I will share how I created it in a future post.


I love Evernote as I can have it on my phone, desktop at work, laptop and tablet and if I update something on one, after syncing it, it will show up on each of the others.

Other great organising/list making apps are:

Wunderlist app. and Any do.

Back to my mojo, is it back? I'm hoping so but only time will tell. I suggest you stop by again or sign up to get email updates straight to you inbox. How do you keep on top of things? What's your preferred methods, paper or on the computer? One thing I'll never stop buying is cute notebooks and journals, sometimes you just need one to jot down things and get the creative juices flowing, or it could be I have a slight obsession with pretty stationary!

Oh and one last thing, in the adorable image of the blogging dog, I used a quote from Shakespeare. Up until now I have always thought that the very famous quote from Romeo and Juliet  "Wherefore art thou"  kind of thought it meant "Where are you" I now know the meaning is "why are you Romeo" . Now is that just me or did anyone else think that too? May be I shouldn't admit that? Well it made me giggle, hence using it in the image.

p.s How you liking the new blog design? I love the colours!


  1. I know exactly what you're talking about, Kate, as I haven't written a blog for a good few weeks now. Although when I'm in the throws of work, the book tends to be all consuming which means I don't have the head space for anything else - and do people really want to read about me sat at a computer hour after hour?

    Reading your post, I'm guessing you're blogging mojo is making a return. At least that's one of us on the blogging up x

    1. Thanks for comment. I've tried something new hy replying to it by email. Hope it worked xx

  2. Dude. My mojo is SO GONE right now and it's ridiculous. I'm with you. Let's just get through this together. We can do it. Try pregnancy breathing maybe? I don't know. The other option is tequila. Tequila always produces good material. ...right?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Emelie, what is your blog?

  3. Life does get in the way doesn't it! Sometimes it;s best to step back and take a breather. I get my best ideas as I am falling to sleep at night!
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Do you right them down or just remember them?

      Have a lovely weekend

  4. I think it is easy to lose your blogging mojo when you work full-time. Most days I come home from work too drained to do anything except answer a few emails and read my feedler posts. I write posts on Sundays, so when I have a function on a Sunday it throws my whole schedule off. Maybe someday I will get to the point where I can schedule posts ahead of time. I'm not counting on it though.

  5. Some great tips for getting mojo back and staying organized!


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