Sunday, 7 June 2015

A quick up date...

It seems 2015 is not the year I get my act together with my blog. Well it certainly hasn't been yet but we have another 6 months ish to go...

So what's gone wrong?

Well I started off doing a Sunday post, with a recap and blog plans for the week but that didn't last long, only a week or two and then that went out the window.

I started writing a hole lot of reasons excuses why things on my blog have not been happening but I highlighted and deleted the lot as that's just boring! You would have heard the reasons before (time and again) if you do keep up with my blog. So I won't subject you to these again.

So lets just leave it at, I haven't been able to get on top of my blog and that is that. I still consider at times giving it all up but I just can't quite do it, I do love the blogging world and my blog and although it's not really the right time for me to make more of a success of it as my priority really is my job which is full on stress at the moment. There will be a time to focus on  my blog more one of these days...

I have ideas galore for posts but a lack of time and yes a lack of inclination too.

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