Monday, 21 July 2014

I'm back again!

Hey there peeps,

How you all doing?

I've been laying low for last couple of weeks due to exams. As you may remember I've been hard at studying for most of this year and on the 16th of July was my exams!

You could say I've been a tad stressed about it all and pretty pooped but they are all done now. Actually, I was probably the most prepared I've been for an exam for a long, long time but what you can't prepare yourself for is the nerves. I was definitely nervous but once I got started they kind of calmed a little bit. The day went so quickly but was seriously intense. 5 exams! Yep I'm not kidding, 5! I had a drug calculations test, a multiple choice, to take  a history from 2 pretend patients and then a written paper where you were given a clinical scenario and you had to write a management plan and prescribe a medication.

They all went well as far as I could tell, but for one of the history taking exams I had my course leader assessing me and she is much tougher then all the other assessors but fingers crossed she was happy with everything I did. I feel like I did well anyway.

It's a partial relief that the exams are all over and I'm extremely happy to say I have the results for the MCQ's and the drug calculation tests and passed both! I can not tell you how relieved I am and pleased with myself.

So some of the pressure is off my shoulders already but just got to wait to hear about the history taking and clinical decision making. I can't relax comletely as I have 6 clinical logs to write and a reflective essay but they're due in at the end of October. They can be a pain in the butt though so in an ideal world I will have all 6 of the clinical logs and a draft copy of my essay done by the beginning of September. Do you think I'll do it????? Well lets see, I'm determined to stick to my plan because I think a lot of people who know me, won't believe me!

With my exams over this does mean I will have a little bit more time for blogging, not as much as I'd like but at least a post a week. Doesn't sound much, but I work full time, I'm trying to get fitter and healthier by going down the gym (failing quite badly with that side of things at the moment, although we have done a super healthy shop today in preparation for the week and I've scheduled 3 gym sessions in). I've got quite a few posts in the pipeline, some of which I should of done ages ago but life, you know, gets in the way. It hopefully means I will have more chance to join in with the Saturday sharefest #SITSBlogging over at If you haven't checked The SITS Girls out yet you really should.

I'm actually feeling quite positive and that I may just finally be getting on top of things, that work/study/life balance... I hope I haven't spoken to soon...

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