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Christmas Question Time

Back in November my fabulous friend, Donna Trinder tagged me in some Christmas themed questions.    I haven't had a chance to tackle them yet but here goes, time for some Christmas themed fun.

1) What was your best Christmas present as a child?

I think know I have a terrible memory, so I am struggling to recall what would have been my favourite present as a child.  Is that really bad??  I was lucky growing up, I didn't have super rich parents as a child but they did ok so I never went without so to speak.  Sorry Donna, you know that Glo-worm... I had one.

Something I spent many hours playing with, would be my Cabbage Patch doll, for the life of me I can't remember her name, it may have been Nellie, but I loved her lots.  I think I'd have to say one of my favourite presents was a Christmas story book which featured me and my friends as the main characters. I read it over and over again.
This is similar to the doll I had.

My family friend @littlemoog76 (who had a starring role in my book) and I often got the same things, but we always ended up playing with hers (like our dolls) so mine wouldn't get dirty, he he! She use to get her own back though and over the years has bullied me in many ways ;)

2) How old were you when you began to suspect that Father Christmas may not be real?

My reaction was similar to Donna.. WHAAAATTT????????

We both still believe, in the fact that like Donna, things have been tight at Christmas at times but something often turns up that helps to make it a special one.  I actually have no idea when I stopped thinking he was real though.

3)  What would your perfect Christmas involve?

Christmas time to me is the time to be with the people you love, friends and family.  I like to be home on Christmas day.  What I would love though is if it was a white one!  I'd be sooooooooo HAPPY!  I'd settle for a frosty one though.  Hubby and I love to entertain so if we could have all our friends and family round for Christmas it would be great.  Wake up in the morning, the snow has fallen.  We take Spikey out for a lovely cold walk (we'd be wrapped up warm).  Friends and family would come round after and we'd have a fabulous day.  I'd like to have an open door policy and people could come and go.  We usually cook way to much food so would always have plenty to share.  Anyone fancy dropping in?

4)  What is your favourite part of the festive season?

Hmm, I just love Christmas.  Putting up the decorations, doing our Christmas food shop, buying Christmas pressies.  I just find it all fun.  Some would say that we have moved away from the true meaning of Christmas but too me Christmas is about being with family and the ones you love.

5) Have you ever watched the Queen's speech?

I have to say I usually do,  I like to see what she has to stay about the goings on of the past year.  It's all part of Christmas.

6) Does the Christmas prep fill you with excitement or dread?

Excitement!  I know people who find it all a hassle and try and get it all over and done with in a big rush.  To me all the prep its part of the fun of it all.  I love putting up the decorations. Going Christmas shopping. I have to say I hate writing lots of Christmas cards our though.  As it's leading up to Christmas I'm planning what we're going to do, places/festivities we can visit to get us in the mood. I just love it all.  That's not to say I don't feel stressed at times about it., err like now!  It's hectic in the Rigby household at the mo.  I thought it would be a wonderful time to get some decorating done!  Which means haven't been able to put my decorations up yet and we're a bit short of money because of it too. Ah well it will all work out ok in the end...

I had lots of plans to do some crafty stuff and things which I haven't been able to but this weekend I' definitely going to get sorted! Decorating will be done, Christmas decs will be put up and then I will attempt to do some baking!

7) What would you LOVE to find underneath the tree this year?

Hubby usually does good and gets me some nice pressies.  This year I would of LOVED to find a sewing machine under the tree but as I stupidly decided to get the decorating done that is something I shall put on my birthday wish list as they aren't cheap.

8) Turkey lover or not?

NOT!  I just don't really like the taste of it.  I'd eat it if someone cooked it but we never have turkey any more we just have, now let see, erm... beef, pork, gammon oh and last year we even had salt beef.  We're not pigs in our house, honestly ;s

9) Is there anything you eat at Christmas that you never have at any other time of the year?

Not really, just far too much of everything!  I suppose Christmas pudding and mince pies.  The great thing about Christmas when I use to work on the hospital wards was we were given some money to by loads of yummy food which we could snack on when we were working.  Christmas, it's all about over indulgence... isn't it?

10) You have one wish on a blessed Christmas star, what is it?

Yes there are lots of honourable things I could wish for, like world peace and all sorts but if I could really wish upon that Christmas star I would wish that Hubby and I could be blessed with a child but hey that's not happening in this life time for us.  It's ok though, we're blessed to have each other and slowly that's a pain that is easing.  Like Donna  a cure for MS would come in rather handy.  Writing this it reminds me how lucky I am to have found myself relapse free for very nearly 2 years!  I just hope and pray my medication continues to keep me on the straight and narrow for many more years.

pics on Sodahead

So there you have it, my Christmas questions.  It's a hectic time of year so I won't add to it by tagging anyone but if you want to have a go I'd love to hear your answers as always.  Either add any answers you have as a comment or do your own Christmas Question time post and let me know and I'll pop over to your blog to check it out.

Make sure you check out Donna's answers and the lovely Anne Mackle was also tagged, see what Christmas gems they came up with.

Good luck with all your Christmas preparations.


  1. Kate, you, me, the Glo Worm...I won't forget you know ;) and the nearest I came to a Cabbage Patch kid was (is) looking like one!
    Brilliant as usual :) xx

  2. HA HA! That made me laugh. I'mm sorry didn't mean to rub it in, thx for comment xxx

  3. My youngest has a glow worm now that he takes to bed every night!

    1. Cool, I wasn't sure if they still did them as it's a good *cough* years ago, he he! Over 25 years! Ahh that's scary! Thanks for comment and stopping by.

  4. Haha, I haven't thought of the Glo Worm for ages. I never had one, but I remember wanting one!

    1. Until I started answering these I'd forgotten about a lot of things, that's why I like doing them as it gets you remembering. Thanks comment and popping in.

  5. What a great reflection! I loved Cabbage Patch Kids! Thanks for sharing these small bits of you!
    Stopping by from SITS

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for comment and stopping by. They were great weren't they. Great memories.


  6. All the memories of the glow worm. My daughters both had one, and now my new grandson has on down thru the family tradition it goes. Thanks for sharing.Happy SITS day!

    1. Thanks for comment and stopping by. I enjoyed answering these and the fond memories they triggered.


  7. I enjoyed your answers Kate. My daughter loved her glow worm ,I think he had a yellow body. I remember cabbage patch dolls being expensive and my mum bought my daught a larger rag doll in the stly of cabbage patch that someone was making,it was actually very nice. We won't be having turkey either but can't decide what to have.

  8. Thanks, Anne. Yeah you may be right I think my original one did too. Turkey is just not tasty, there's so many more tasty meats. Whatever you decide enjoy!


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