Saturday, 8 December 2012

Just a catch up

Today's post is just a little catch up as I've not had a chance to do much blogging as things are pretty hectic at the moment.  What a weeks it's been, mainly at work but also with getting organised for Christmas  (although on reflection I haven't actually done anything to get organsied for Christmas this week yet).  Not sure why but in December, a time when you don't want to be busy with work commitment,s  lots of meetings, study days/afternoons starting cropping up that you need to attend.  Hey ho, I suppose it keeps me out of trouble.

My study day was up in Euston London and I tell you what I am so glad I don't have to travel to London everyday, it's way to stressful.  It's every man/woman for themselves.  Everyone just looks so stressed or fed up bar the odd few.  I rarely take public transport and when I do I'm usually with Hubby or a friend, so I was actually a little nervous going on my own.  If you don't pay attention you could easily find yourself on the wrong train or tube (well I could) being rush hour there is so many people rushing around you could easily be swept along with herd.  I had wrapped up well because the morning of the study day it started snowing, so I thought I'd be prepared, I had my tweed jacket and walking boots on, so I looked like a right country girl amongst all the business people and townies, a little out of place.  I met 2 lovely women though, one kindly showed me how to top up my oyster card (a pre-payment travel card to my readers across the seas) and then while squeezing on to the tube (took me 3 go's, couldn't fit on the first 2 tubes!)  I got chatting to another lady for the journey who was really nice and friendly, we were laughing about the daily traumas of travelling on the tube.  It was lovely to meet two friendly people amongst the throngs of people traipsing to work.

Now work is done for another week I seriously need to get my but in gear with Christmas stuff, only got 2 presents so far! Not good and it doesn't help that on Monday we have someone coming to decorate our lounge and kitchen, not the best timing and means I haven't been able to put any of my decorations up :(
I really can't wait though it's going to be lovely to have everything freshened up.  Next weekend I shall finally be be able to do all that fun stuff and get cracking with my Christmas baking plans.  I can't wait I absolutely love Christmas decorations!  I like time to appreitiate it all and feel at the moment December is rushing by with out me getting a chance to really appreciate the Christmas season.  It was my work Christmas do last night which was a good way to get into the Christmas Spirit (and I'm not talking about alcoholic beverages). Had a great time and we boogied the night away to lots of Christmas classics which I'm afraid I never get tired of.  I did feel a little bit ropey this morning but a walk with Spike sorted me out in the fresh air. Here's a couple of pics

Talking of Spike I best go and pick him up, he's at the dog groomer's, The Mutt Hut (don't you just love the name).  He's getting all spruced up for Christmas, bless him.  Hope everyone is having great days or will be having great days and I promise to get myself my organised and get some more posts up this week.


  1. It dawned on me earlier this week that Christmas is literally right around the corner and we've done nothing. Definitely time kick it into gear! Happy Weekend :)

    New visitor from SITS' Saturday Sharefest


    1. Thanks for dropping by Michelle. I can't believe I haven't done anything for Christmas. Have a great weekend too.


  2. We're the same! A moment of Christmas panic descended upon me earlier when I worked out just how many family birthdays we have Christmas week, too. I'm talking 8! Inc son Christmas Day! Eek!
    Hope you get your decs up soon, I remember your strange placing of Santa in your loo last year haha!

    1. Hey Honey.I'm on an edge at the moment, got stuff at home to sort and then we've all got a lot going on at work too. Busy busy. Can't wait for decorating to be done and get my decs up. He he my friend laughs too at the fact that I decorate my bathroom too :)


  3. Isn't it funny that we stress so we can relax? That's what I feel like I do this time of year--put pressure on myself to make everything so perfect. This year, I am just working on chilling out a bit more! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

  4. It's so hard when you work as wellbut having your home redecorated is lovely as long as its not you who's doing it. I bought nearly all my presses online but for my son and daughter I have to give them money as I just can choose something for them anymore although I will buy something small to wrap for them. My son's partner is also a nightmare to buy for,oh the joys of Christmas.


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