Friday, 21 December 2012

Fancy a peek?

I follow lots of bloggers and some of them I have got to know well and some I'm still getting to know. One of the things I love about blogging is getting to know new people and making new friends.  I have found people within the blogging community are a friendly and welcoming bunch.  In today's post I'm letting you into a little bit of my home, so you can get to know me a little better...

Last week I thought it was a wonderful idea to get a bit of decorating done.  It's something we had planned a few months a go but for one reason or another have had to put it off but finally I booked it in and its all done. Our style is I suppose a bit country cottage esq.  Oh how we would both love a pretty cottage in the countryside... 

Our kitchen is the same as anyones, nothing flash but below are pictures of some additions we Hubby made.

We found these shelves in a local shop called Smile down the road from us.  In there you will find both new and old goodies, a mixture of styles but mainly shabby chic with a few antiques thrown in.  The owner had an open house the other week where she was serving mince pies and mulled wine to let people come and have a look at the stock she had at home. Sadly it was a day I was working so couldn't make it which probably wasn't a bad thing really.  The shelves are 2nd hand but a perfect place to store jars of flour, rice and other bits.

Here's a picture of the cute stags head hook I bought at the Spirit of Christmas Show.  I thought it was fab and decided it was a great place to hang our aprons.

When The Olds moved in we decided that with 4 adults in the house we needed a bit more storage space in the kitchen so Hubby built a few extra shelves.  These shelves are made out of scaffold boards.  A sturdy and cheaper option which look great.  

As you can probably tell this is my shelf with all the bits I like to buy!

Here's are larder shelf, with our spices and oils etc

This last shelf holds the recipe books and where we store our pans.

Next room is the lounge/front room/sitting room whatever you fancy calling it.

I love fireplaces, ours is the focal point of the room.  That is a real fire and heats up the room surprisingly well.  One of these days, months, years we will invest in a larger, better one but our little pot-bellied stove does us well.

I bought this bunting in a lovely shop where my sis-in-law works, Hubby is not keen but I love it and was determined to buy it and have it up!

How can you not love bunting?

Well that's a little peek into some of our home or bits in our home.  How about you? I'd love to see some of your pictures of things you like in your home. Feel free to copy and paste my 'Through the keyhole' image or do your own for a post showing me your pics.

Right best get on with my Christmas food shop list for tomorrow!


  1. How homely and lovely! I love bunting too, I have some in my shed...I will post another day, tis the witching hour and I should be tucked up in my bed. Not having a picture of that's a tip!

  2. Ah thanks Hun! Yes please put some pics up when you can. I so want a writing shed! Er yes our bedroom is a tip too. Housework today :( xxx

  3. Lovely idea Kate and I might steal it. Love your kitchen and those shelves are a great idea,our kitchen is too modern and small to put up shelves but I could do with the extra space. I would love a real fire the nearest we get to it is putting on a "real fire" DVD on the TV ,yes we're quite mad! It's been really nice looking through your keyhole and getting to know you a bit better I think a cottage in the country would suit you fine.

  4. Thanks Anne and feel free, use my through the key hole image too if you like :) just copy and paste. The rest of the kitchen is pretty bog standard, same as when we moved in. We thought the shelves might of made it smaller but they didn't actually. He he, like the idea of the real fire DVD!

    I thought it's a nice idea and a way to get to know people a little better if they don't mind sharing. I shall look forward to checking out your post :)



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