Saturday, 22 December 2012

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Firstly a big hello and welcome to my newest followers! Pleased to meet you.
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Oh what a day! Ventured to Morrisons to do Our Christmas shop and it was CRAZY!!!!!! Kind of all done now, although nearly had a heart attack when I saw how much the bill came to! We may have got a little carried away (as per normal) and now have stacks of food.  Anyone would think we're cooking for 10 people (only 4 Christmas day, 5 including pooch)  I tell you what though, I just love to have so much choice of food in our cupboards and fridge!  It's great!

Got another busy day ahead tomorrow though as need to nip out to grab a couple more presents and then need to do some more wrapping AND make some Christmas Puddini Bonbons ala Nigella Lawson. Oh and I want to finish making my Christmas gift tags.  I started designing my own but then I have discovered loads of gorgeous ones and thought since I'm running out of time why not use some of the available beautiful tags!  The Internet is a wonderful thing I'm forever discovering more fabulous blogs with wonderful DIY crafts on to do.  I just wish I had more time/was more organised so I could get more done and possibly more skill.  It's amazing how much time and effort people put into designing things and then give them away free on their blogs for you to use!

So here's some blog lovin.  I'm already following a fabulous blog called Heart Handmade, this a wonderful blog with lots of inspirational ideas and freebies.  The link takes you to Claire's blog and a post of hers telling you about lots of lovely Christmas printables, she directs you on to more wonderful blogs too! I was so inspired I actually bought myself a craft knife and cutting board so I can make my own gift tags.

I'm also hoping to make at least one of these very paper candle houses, although I had a little bit of a practice run and I'm not sure if I'm actually going to have time to do it for real, we shall see.  I found these through Claire on Heart Handmade but it was Yvonne from Yves Town that designed these adorable candles!

Picture from Yves Town
I shall post pictures of my attempts when I do them and they turn out nice.

So 2 days till Christmas guys! Ready or not here it comes...


  1. Love those candle houses! Wish I had the patience! Good Luck with that ;) xxx

  2. I know they're lovely aren't they. Hmm I will give it a go but not sure if i will get it before Christmas as quite intricate and I don't have a steady hand! We shall see, I will probably give it a go in New Year, you do need patient to cut each window out etc xxx

  3. I'd love to be good at crafts. These are all lovely Kate but as you say finding the time is hard. There's a blog I read think its called Mum of all Trades and this girl buys everything second hand and what she does with them are amazing she making lovely Christmas things too.

  4. I've got lots of ideas I want to try but in reality...

    I've never been very artistic so I think I will have to choose my projects carefully! Time is a big issue though. I shall check out that blog!

    Thanks for comment :)


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