Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Christmas tale

Well it's more of an update then a tale really, but tale sounded better.
*Warning: a bit picture heavy, apologies*

So did you survive Christmas? All that time and preparation and it's over in a flash isn't it.  We had a wonderful time, Christmas day it was just myself, Hubby, Spike and The Olds, but we had a lovely day.  As per normal we cooked and ate far too much food.  We got up and the first thing we did was light the fire, burning last years Christmas tree, a tradition of ours.

After the great burning, we sat down to open our presents.  Tackling our stockings first (another tradition, we always have stockings, including Spike!) and then our tree present. 

This is the point where there was lots of squealing as Hubby did good and he bought me a sewing machine and a vintage sewing table! A big surprise as I'd wanted a sewing machine for ages but unfortunately Hubby fell off a ladder a few weeks ago, fracturing a couple ribs which meant he wasn't able to get out and about much, or so I thought! He was sneaky and still managed to get out and get my pressies.  In fact he spoilt me as I also got a new troll bead which was ever so sweet it's this one which he bought as it represents when he first met me I was a cardiac nurse.

Heartbeat | Ref: 11158"Your heart beat is a constant reminder of the rhythm of life, beating with a regular, steady flow...... until you fall in love, when suddenly your heart skips a beat and you are all a flutter. This silver Trollbead is for anyone in love."

Lastly he got me Truffles by Jellycat, to feed my highland cow addiction and my snowman presents (small jokey ones we open Christmas eve was 2 pencils with moustache pencil toppers.  Santa obviously thought I'd been a very good girl this year!

I absolutely love this little sewing table, it's gorgeous, you slide open the lid and that is where you can store all your sewing bits and bobs and then the lid opens up so you a have a larger table top.  Hubby is going to sand it all down and oil the wood for me and reline the inside.  I love the fact that it is vintage and quite old, probably around the 1950's and not a new, unused one.  Had it just had one owner, or been passed down through a generation or two.  From a Mother to her daughter.  It makes me feel nostalgic, thinking of the times I spent sitting with my Grandmother, her teaching me to Knit and sew.

It may seem it but it wasn't all about me.  Hubby got lots of lovely presents, which he was chuffed with.  I bought him another knife, which I knew he wanted (for when were camping), a rucksack (to use when we go off for adventures), a gun cleaning kit for his air rifle and a watch.  My parents bought him something he has wanted for ages, a remote control helicopter which he was extremely happy about.

After the grand present opening we would normally have a bit of breakie and then go off for a nice walk but sadly the weather was pretty miserable and rainy so we skipped the walk bit.

So what did Santa leave you under the tree?  I'd love to know, leave a comment and tell me how your Christmas day went.  Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Oh, one more picture to share, (well 3 actually, that's it, honest), I meant to share these a few weeks ago but forgot.  I found these gorgeous teacups and sugar bowl at a local charity shop and had to buy them, a bargain at £3.50! The reindeer again I couldn't resist and got him in the sale in Laura Ashley for a tenner.

Hope you all had wonderful Christmases, and enjoy the rest of the festive period.


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  2. How wonderful! Your presents amazing and so thoughtful! I can't wait to see your creations! And I can't believe all your finds in charity shops etc...they are fantastic! I love the teacups! Glad you enjoyed Christmas! I'm going to blog about my's all to distressing to publish here ;) xxx

  3. Thanks for comment Hun. I know how great are they. Boy did good! He went into a local shop 3 times and she brought in different sewing boxes in. It was a bit like Goldilocks. In Pete's case the first box was to small, second to tall and the last one just right! LOL! I love it. Looking forward to trying out the sewing machine. Hope I do ok with it. I look forward to hearing about your pressies! xxx


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