Friday, 28 December 2012

A day in the life of a pampered pooch!

Spike takes over on The Tales of Me...

Here's my Christmas Tale Tail

Firstly, you rely on your not so clever owners Mum, to dress you in the right attire and what does she do? Dresses me up for Halloween! It's Christmas Mum, what are you like!

I can tell you now, I wasn't impressed.

Well with the stupid pumpkin outfit on I stormed upstairs in a huff and decided to wait for The Olds to wake up.  Come on guys, it's Christmas day!

I waited...

and waited...

Eventually they joined the land of the living and we got to open our pressies, Yay!

After present opening, I got into more suitable attire, all dressed and ready for dinner.

It was a long old day and after all that excitement and food, I just needed to chill!  It's not easy being this cute you know!

Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. I'd ring the RSPCA, Spike, if I were you! Or dress your Mummy as a pumkin, see how she likes it!
    I do think you look a handsome chap in your bow-tie. My Mum's a horrid old bag and stuck antlers on me. I made sure she didn't get a picture and deliberately destroyed the toy elephant she'd paid £10 for. Serves her right! I also pee'd all over the floor when Grandma came. I was determined to exact my revenge!
    Make sure she gets you something sparkly and fab for NYE!
    Lots of woof...Maisie xxx

  2. Hey Maisie, thanks for your comment. What are our Mum's like, eh! Well done on your revenge though ;D

    Not sure what she's got in store for NYE but I'm seeing my cousins, Dante the Whippet and Digby the cat, we're off to Wales. She better not let me down in front of them!

    Lots of woof

    Spike xxx

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Spike even though your mum made a silly mistake with your outfit. I had a poorly paw on Christmas Day it was so painful I couldn't even put it down but I was pampered and slept with it on a cushion for comfort,next day I had to go to animal A&E and had two injections if that wasn't bad enough I had to go to the vet the following day. My nail had split. It's ok now but I cost my mum £200 lol!! Have a happy new year Spike.
    Sam the German shepherd xx

  4. Thanks Sam for comment. Sorry to hear about your paw :( hope it's all better now. Split nail, ouch! I bet you wished she could of spent that money on bones and toys for you instead of the vet!


  5. Had to track down a post about Spike before I could comment! Now that's a dog with personality. He should wear that pumpkin sweater year round!

    1. Thank you so much for comment and tracking down a post about Spike, he appreciates it :D he he!


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