Saturday, 29 December 2012

Gingerbread Houses

 I have a new obsession, I'm getting crafty, or should I say trying too.  I have yet too try out my sewing machine but hope to later today.  Meanwhile, I recently discovered many wonderful printable crafts you can download from the internet.  Originally it all started because I was going to design and printout my own gift tags but I didn't actually end up doing this (the same old problems poor planning and time management).  How ever I did print and make this wonderful gingerbread house, well I actually made 3.  One to go on the tree and then I made 2 more to give as little gifts.  They are gorgeous and make lovely decorations or gift boxes.

How gorgeous is it!  Do you know what's even better about this gingerbread house. It is so simple to do as all the hard work is done for you by the talented Linnette who teamed up with Amy from Living Locurto & Kristen from Paper Crave & Kbecca, to do a special gift exchange freebie (the links take you to some fabulous webistes which are well worth checking out).  Linnette is behind the fabulous webiste  the link takes you to the About Paper glitter page.

All you have to do is print it out, assemble them and voilà  you have the most adorable gingerbread houses. There's just 4 simple steps.

1) Go to Paperglitter website - Gingerbread house freebie.
2) Download the Gingerbread house file to your computer and print it out.
3) Cut out the house as per instructions.
4) Stick the house together.

That's it your're all done!  You could use a pair of scissors and glue to do this but what is easier and you get a better finish is using a craft knife, ruler and double-sided sellotape.  Here's a link to my post telling you what I bought to help me do such crafts, Blog Lovin.

Here's a picture of the one I made.

 I forgot to take pictures of the two I did as gifts but all I did was filled them with some chocolates and tied them together with a red bow.  On the download it will show you where to  make the holes if you want to tie it with a bow or tie it closed or to hang it up.  Both my friends were suitably impressed with them.  Next Christmas (I know, I know we've barely got past this one and I'm thinking about next year), next year I plan to make some gift boxes myself.  What I have learnt this year and I should of known better, if you plan to get creative and go down the handmade route, you need to plan, prepare and give yourself time.  All of which I did not do!  

I seriously recommend heading over to to see how to do you own gingerbread houses.  These are well worth remembering for next year, they really are simple to do and look so impressive.  You  don't need oodles of patience either unlike the 2nd printable project I have decided to do which is a bit more fiddly and takes a little more patience, but is still simple to do.

Happy crafting people and thanks to @paperglitter@livinglocurto@papercrave and kbecca for sharing such a great freebie.


  1. These are lovely are they made from paper or card?
    Happy new year to you and your family hope it's a good one.

  2. They are aren't they Anne, they are so cute and easy to do! I printed them on card I bought in Rymans that is suitable for printers. I find I can only put a single sheet in at a time or they won't feed through printer properly. There are so many great things to print free, loads of stuff for themed kids parties to do and as you GD gets older stuff you can make together :)


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