Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hospital dramas, who needs Holby City!

Just got back from visiting Mum in hospital.  It's been all fun and games there.  She is in a bay of three patients (all female).  One of the elderly ladies kicked off last night and was really abuse to the staff, to the point where she actually slapped one of them!  She kept them all awake all night, shouting and screaming out.  The other woman sharing seems to think it's ok to walk around with no underwear on and a hospital gown on, flashing her bum, whilst male visitors are there!  Well male or female it was so not good.   The first lady I think has dementia, although undiagnosed at the moment or maybe just confusion post-operatively.  The one walking around flashing things we would rather not see had no excuse, she is completely compasmentas, just appears to be a bit of an exhibitionist.  My poor Mum stuck in the middle of them both.  It keeps her amused though if not a little tired.  Well we're hoping she will be home tomorrow and away from the madness.  Lady no 1 has been transferred thankfully so it's just the flasher she has to contend with until tomorrow.

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