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My firsts, a trip down memory lane...

Ok, so a belated thanks to the lovely @donna_trinder for her latest tag.  I say latest, she actually tagged me on the 29th of Feb and I'm only just having a chance to do it!  I've not been lazy just busy with my Mum being in hospital for a knee replacement, an operation I seriously hope I never have to have.  It's pretty awful.

Right so back to business.  Donna tagged me in her blog 'My Firsts'.  So it's now my time to reveal to you my firsts, ooh err. You can check out Donna's blog at

First boyfriend...

My first boyfriend was called Steve, I think we were about 15.  It didn't last long, I can't say I liked him that much as a boyfriend, more as a friend.   He was shorter then me bless him.  My brother use to call him 'bob a job' cuz he reminded him of a little boy scout or something. My first serious boyfriend was called Nick, we were together for 3 years.  I liked him very much at the time but we just grew up and grew apart.

First person I kissed

He he, oh memories.  It was during spin the bottle and it was actually a friend of my first boyfriend Steve!  This was before we went out together.  His name was Rick, from what I can remember it wasn't too bad an experience.  What was funny though was there was a bunch of us he use to hangout together.  One of the lads Dave was nice but a spotty, greasy haired boy.  The night of spin the bottle we may possibly of had a few drinks (oh that so bad, I wasn't really 15, honest).  It landed on Dave so I pretended I had passed out so got out of kissing him! It was a close call though.  How mean was that eh?

My first job...

Ok the first job I had was for my Uncle.  He had a packing business.  If I remember rightly, we were packing chocolates.  I was about 14.  I was so happy to have my own little job.  A really odd thing happened while I was working there.  An incident happened with one of the other workers, an older lady , I can't remember where she was from  but she wasn't English.  We were all working away when she suddenly got distressed and started shouting and went into my Uncle saying I was a foreign soldier in disguise come to to get her!!!!  All very weird, seeing as how young I was.  Can't remember what ever happened to her.  It was quite sad really because she had, had a traumatic experience when she was younger.

My first pay packet...

I seriously can't remember what I spent my  money on at the time.  No doubt it was music, make-up or clothes.  Who knows.  All I know is then like now my pay never  lasted long.

My first CD..

Hmmm, trying to think her.  I remember my first records!  I got a stereo for my birthday and I had 3 records. Dare I admit these........ Ok so they were Kylie and Jason, Especially for you and Angry Anderson 'Suddenly'  the song played at Scott and Charlene's (Jason and Kylie's ) wedding in neighbours!  My first CD was Kylie Minogue's 1st album, self title Kylie.  I loved it a lot and played it over and over.  *cringe*.

First holiday...

My first holiday on my own was with my ex-boyfriend Nick.  In fact there may of been four of us, my mate and her boyfriend too.  I think we went to Menorca.  It all went pretty well, the occasional argument, but very excited to go on holiday.

What age where you when you moved out of your parents home...

I was about 23 I think, I bought my first flat then.  Prices of property were a lot cheaper then, not such an easy achievement now a days (ooh that makes me sound old saying that).  I was so excited about it all. Found it weird initially because I'd never lived on my own and always had had someone around.  I got into the habit of going to sleep with the TV or a CD on, because it was so quiet where I was. I met Hubby about 2 years later and a yearish after that he moved in with me.  In 2006 we were lucky enough to buy our first and present house.

So that's my firsts.  It was lovely reminiscing back.  It really got my brain working trying to think of dates or years when each of my firsts happened.  It's kind of scary how much you forget, which makes me think it's a great idea to write down important events down in a journal so you always have the memories there.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane Donna.

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  1. it!
    OMG (& I actually just said that out loud - my children would kill me!) ANGRY ANDERSON! We could be sisters! That song still makes me happy/excited/emo!
    Let's go see Kylie! ;-)

    PS - Hope your Mum's ok. Lots of love to her


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