Sunday, 27 February 2011

That Sunday night feeling

I really can't believe we're nearly at Monday again, where has the past week gone?  I've got that Sunday night feeling of  "Oh no it's work again tomorrow", but it's all good really, I am glad to be back at work but I can't lie I shall miss having my more relaxing Monday mornings that I had started getting use to.

So last week was my first week back at work and I am very glad to say I survived. Thankfully I didn't have to do my usual full time week which would normally include two long days (8-7 and 8-8) , I think if I had I would of been seriously wiped out rather then just pretty knackered by the time I got to Friday.  It has been good to be back though, I saw several of my regular patients who were genuinely  pleased to see me back which was lovely as it made me realize that people had been missing me.

In the world of Primary Care it's coming to the end of the work year and in April all our government targets will get looked out. So basically I have probably been off at our busiest time, when we make sure everything that needs doing has been done, this includes any patients who are due their reviews are seen before April. Each nurse has her own lists of patients and since I wasn't there the other nurses were trying to pick up on some of my work but a fair few of my patients declined being reviewed and said they would rather wait till I was back. Great for me as it has helped with my confidence which got a serious knock whilst being off sick but not so good for our targets. "Oops sorry boss!".

I have done little to nothing this weekend as not felt up to much but I have done is two very important things. Firstly; I have finally sent off my driving licence and forms 1, to inform them I am now a married lady (let me see now it's only been two and a half years, oops) and 2, informing them I have MS!  That's only been a year.   It's very naughty I know, slap wrists for me.  Initially I didn't bother as when I asked my consultant she said I didn't need to worry about it but then after further investigating I found out yes I did have to (if anyone is unsure MS is one of the medical conditions the DVLA have to be informed about). I just haven't got round to it, a bad habit of mine is something I appear to be very good at and that would be procrastinating.  That is one of my belated new years resolutions, to get on and do things that need to be done and not to procrastinate. (damn there I go again!).

I am not too good at keeping my new years resolutions but I am really going to try this time for the sake of me and my health.  You may be thinking why on earth is she talking about New years resolutions it's nearly March, we've all either broken all ours or are going great guns with them by now.  For me, as I have said before my year really only feels like it's just starting.

So my other resolutions? Well the next one is a golden oldie, yes, I really am, I am going to loose a little bit of weight (the few pounds that I gained and lost and gained again after Christmas) and get fit, well certainly get fitter.  Now if I had a penny for every time I've proclaimed "I'm going to shed a few pounds and get fit" my money worries would be but a distant memory, but alas this is not the case.  I am a few pounds heavier than I want to be and my fitness level is rubbish to non-existent (hubby says I am as weak a day old kitten).  So this ties in with not procrastinating, I shall no longer put off improving my fitness, I AM going to do it. I have been much better with my food over the last two weeks but I haven't manage to stick to my exercise plan.  In my defense though I've been shattered being back at work. But this week shattered or not I've got to stick to my exercise plan.  It's something I really have to achieve.  I feel that when my MS symptoms play up, it really doesn't help me that my muscles aren't very strong etc.

My last resolution is about organisation.  I am not a particularly organised person  but being disorganized stresses me out. Huh? So why be disorganized?  Good question! In the last six months or so it has become apparent to me that my tolerance of stress has seriously declined and stress has much greater impact on me physically. There's a lot of things in my life that have the potential to cause me stress such as my job and there's not a whole lot I can do about it but what I can do is try not to put unnecessary stress on myself.

So with my resolutions in mind I am turning over several new leaves and so far so good (except for the whole exercise thing).

Oh! Before I forget the second very important thing I  have done today is organize our holiday. I will leave you there in a little suspense as I've just seen the time and I need to get too bed I've got a lovely ten hour shift tomorrow, woo-hoo! (I could have told you where but like I said I do like to procrastinate. Oh poo! there goes that resolution)

Well it really is all back to normal tomorrow which is all good, oh except I will be trying by damnedest to stick to my resolutions.

Wish me luck

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