Monday, 28 February 2011

He he, I'm so stoopid

Just a quick post although I'm not sure if I should really admit what I've done but hey what the hell.  I occasionally take some OTC sleeping tablets which I did last night or should I say I thought I did. Oops I just realised that instead of my sleeping tablets I took my Kalms (herbal tablet too help with anxiety). Doh! Funny enough I did feel calm last night even though I couldn't sleep! I did wonder why they hadn't worked, LOL!  Usually when I can't sleep I start worrying about how I tired I am going to feel in the morning.

I don't often take them but as I it was going to be my first long day at work I thought I want a good nights sleep so I'll take them.  But unfortunately as I say I took my Kalms instead and only manged to get about three hours sleep. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, it's not good is it.  Oh well off to bed for me now, I really do need a good nights sleep tonight.

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