Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Brighter days

So far all I've jabbered on about is me and good old MS. It gets boring doesn't it?  So holidays, now that's a better subject and more fun.  Well, so far we have two arranged for this year. You may think. wow how lucky are you, but that all depends on what's your thing as to how lucky you think we are.  If you like the outdoors then you'll appreciate our holiday choices and if not you'll think we're mad.

Any hoo in April we are going to a lovely cottage in Devon, Pete, Spike and I.  We all can't wait (well to be honest not sure how Spike feels but I'm sure he will love it). It's been a pretty rubbish start to the year and although I had nine weeks off I could really do with a week off to get away from all the drama's of life and so could Hubby.  We'll be staying at a lovely cottage called Appleloft that's is not to far from Dartmoor, which I am thoroughly looking forward to exploring and that bit I know Spike will love.

Pictures of The Appleloft where we'll be staying,

So holiday No 2.  In July we are planning on going canoeing down the river Wye over 5 days and camping overnight on campsites along the river.  Again that'll be the three of us. I shall post pictures of our hols for anyone whose interested when we've been.  Lets hope the weather stays reasonably (I'll settle for reasonably, lets be optimistic, this is England) dry, not expecting miracles but we always have camping hols and so far have been fairly lucky with the weather.  

This is going to be a shorter version of a canoeing trip we did in June 2009. We canoed from Glasbury-on-Wye to Monmouth in Wales, that's a whole 79 miles! We did it over four days, which I felt was a pretty good achievement considering the most I'd ever canoed was a few miles and Pete about 10 miles.  It was a fab holiday, and Spikey loved  it too as you can see.

Pictures of us three canoeing, it's got to be said Spike is not too good at the paddling, LOL!

We are going to be canoeing shorter distances this time, we actually manage to canoe 20 miles in one day last time!  I found it harder then Pete which isn't surprising (and this was before MS had reared its ugly head) so bless him I got to stop paddling every now and again while he did all the work but I didn't do that too much!

It was so gorgeous and peaceful paddling down the river, you get to see things that you would miss otherwise such as Kingfishers and other wildlife, we saw a swan carrying her signets on their back which was lovely.  Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of these as in the first hour of setting off we did manage to capsize with all our belongings going in to the river.  Thankfully we did mange to save everything but our camera did not survive.  What was quite amusing (looking back it all was really) the part of the river we capsized in was quite a fast running and the rocks on the river bed were pretty slippery. So Pete pulled the canoe with Spike and our belongs to the river bank and then came back to help me.  Initially Spike sat on the riverbank but then he suddenly decided he didn't want to be on his own and started paddling out behind Pete. It was very cute but Pete had to abandon my rescue to go and get Spike again because the last thing we needed was for him to be pulled down the river.

We really were gutted about the camera (especially as it was my father in laws, oops) but we did managed to get some pics with a disposable one that came out pretty well. It was a shame to miss out on lots of beautiful shots that we could of taken. Well I can assure you though, we won't be making the same mistakes this time!

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