Friday, 18 February 2011

Have I really been off work for 9 weeks?

So, I'm back home from my first day back at work in 9 weeks and I tell you what, it feels like I never left. As I drove into work I was feeling quite nervy but underneath those nerves there were a few excitement butterflies fluttering around at the thought that I was going back to work and things were getting back to normal (well as normal as I ever was).  It took me the time to walk through the patients waiting room on my way to the Treatment Room where I work, for those 9 weeks to be forgotten.  As I was walking in I saw one of my diabetic gentlemen who quickly came to have a word about his medication, at this point I hadn't even taken my jacket off but I felt most of my worries and anxieties start to fade along with those nine weeks.  In a matter of minutes it felt like I'd never been off work at all.

Now it's  a different story though, I'm lying on my bed feeling knackered but I suppose that's to be expected after nine weeks of not working.  Not quite sure how I feel about mustering up the energy to get myself spruced up for a work girlies night out tonight to a greek restaurant.  Debating on having a half hour power snooze although whenever I try to do this I usually can't sleep even though I'm tired.  I'm sure once I've showered and spruced, I'll be raring to go, it will be good to go out with everyone after having all that time off. I shall feel part of the gang again.  Right I'm going to give that power snooze a go ............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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