Saturday, 14 June 2014

Looking back at my year so far...

Can you believe we're zooming through June, half the year already gone by! I swear time just seems to be going faster and faster. So how are your years going for you?

Mines been kind of

At the beginning of this week I was feeling quite depressed and well, altogether hacked off. In fact I could use a few more choice words that I feel would express just how hacked off I was, pi&*$@d off, f@*&£d off, you get my meaning though? You know when you get to that point and you think, "Really????" and start manically laughing to yourself in a disturbing manner.

Today though, today I'm feeling kind of happy and dare I say it relieved, things are looking up again, so I'm keeping  everything possible crossed...

So far 2014 has been kind of frustrating. I feel like all I've done so far this year is work,study and spend money on cars, work, study and spend money on cars, work, st.. , well you get the picture. I am sick to death of studying and I can't wait for it to be over, exams next month and then just my course work and that's me done, I refuse to do any more for a long, long while!

The cars, the god damn cars. I can't stomach adding up the amount of money we have spent on repairing our cars. My most recent expenditure of £600 hasn't even completely sorted mine out, it's still playing up! Unfortunately we can't afford a new one/ones. What has lifted my spirits is, that we have fixed Hubby's car and it seems to be all good so far.

I was just getting a little bit fed up that the year is rushing by and I feel that we haven't done much with it, all the plans Hubby and I have had have gone to pot. I just hope the later part of this year will be a little less stressful and a lot more fun.

Do I sound like a real winger? I do don't I? It's just that sometimes I feel we're fighting a loosing battle when it comes to getting ourselves sorted. Each time things are looking up something crops up to rock the boat again and it usually revolves around cars breaking down. You might be thinking well cars are a luxury item, people can get by without them. But we both need them for our jobs, particularly Hubby, I could potentially get by without one but it would be difficult as I need to do home visits on patients and haven't the time to walk everywhere. A car for Hubby's job is an absolute must as he works all over the country.

So looking back at the year so far, it feels like one day has drifted into the next and not much has gone on. We haven't made that much progress. Lets just hope we've turned the corner with the car or at least we'll have a break for a few months.

Well I hope the next 6 months will be eventful but for the right reasons and not the wrong. Here's to fun exploring and making progress.


  1. I can definitely understand the car trouble! Ever since Christmas both of our cars have been acting up--mine's 18 years old and my husband's is 12 years old and honestly, it's probably time to invest in a newer car, at least for mine...but we're moving in a month, we just need our cars to give us one more trouble free month, then we're selling them and we won't need cars in our new home. In the meantime...come on cars, just another month!

  2. Cars are a pain! When my son started driving, we bought him a Bronco that was as old as he was and that thing was such a pain. When he started with a full-time job, we were able to upgrade him to a used Ford Escape. It wasn't fancy and it wasn't all that expensive, but he's just paid it off and I don't think he's had a single major repair on it the whole time. It's amazing how much peace of mind it gives you to have a reliable vehicle. #SITSSharefest

  3. Oh Kate I know just how you feel. I remeber the years of car trouble and the expenditure and then again with son and daughter when they learned to drive and had cars. Luckily hubby has a company car but the tax he pays on it is brutal. When he retires we will have to buy a car of our own and it will start all over again. I think you need a break from studying as your brain will turn to mush and it's not good for your health as it stops you from blogging and tweeting.


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