Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Currently coveting

June as with, most if not all of the months this year is once again going to be a nightmare with money, both Hubby and my cars are in need of major fixing this month, in fact neither of us has a car to use at the moment. You may be thinking 'hey you two are spoilt' but Pete depends on a car for work and if we at least had one car we'd be ok but we have none. My car is costing me at least £600 to repair  and Hubby's, who knows? Ok since we are skint there is no money to be to be spending on extravagances. BUT, I can still drool and dream over pretty things so here's what I am currently coveting. These are all on the lower side of the budget which isn't a bad thing at all.

These first items are from Wilkonsons, they have great collections for pretty low prices. I'm really loving their Camper van collection which is where most of the items I have chosen are from.

Now how cute is this tea cosy! It's just so gorgeous, I am in love! It's a real snip at £5.00!

These Camper cake tins are lovely colours, I'm sure they would be perfect to store all the lovely things I'd like to bake but never do... and they're £10 for the set.
Here's a very handy weekly planner to have on your desk for jotting down your weekly jobs or tasks. It's only £2.50.
This house lamp is really sweet, Hubby wouldn't agree to having this though. This is £15.99.

I love the colours and fabrics used in this table runner, not bad at all for £6.00. Although when I see things like this I always think I could make something similar. In fact once I get back to my sewing when my exam is over in July (can't concentrate on sewing now) I want to make a table runner for my mum.
These place mats are so cute and are £5.00.

Another one for the shopping list, £5.00 for the ceramic coaster set.

This jars are so cute and you can write what you want on the chalk board label. The large blue one is £5.00 and the smaller yellow one is £3.00.

I love the retro look of these canisters. A bargain at £3.00 each. 

These tea light holders are lovely in apple and blue, I wish there was a pink one two. These are £3.50 each.          
This vase, does just make me want to smile. Pretty things make me happy, £8.00.
This Carnaby stripe vase is lovely, the style wouldn't really go in our house but lovely all the same.

Lastly I came across this sewing basket on a random search, it's so cute, looks kind of retro. It's £14.99 in the sale from a site called Studio.

That's if for now hope you, enjoyed perusing these little delights.

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