Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blogging from A to Z, U is for underwear and unbelievable

What wonderful weather we are having today in the UK.  I remember as a child around my birthday in April the weather was often sunny. Any hoo, we are on to the letter U! Wow, we're getting there my friends.

U is for underwear, well knickers to be more specific.  Remember the days of the weeks one? Obviously they are still around but days of the week undies reminds me of being a child.  This image is for a set done by Stella McCartney, a meagre £132.92! If you fancy getting some click on link (yeah right!)
Obviously the ones I'd of owned as a child were nowhere near that price!

When I was looking up stuff I came across this advert on You tube and it made me laugh!  Never heard of them but they are from the 80's!

Unbelievable stuff from the 80's and 90's!  Life changes so much over the years but there are some things that I can't believe use to happen!  Smoking on aeroplanes! It's mad to think people were allowed to, don't you think?  It's weird enough now to think people could smoke in pubs and restaurants and that only stopped in recent years but on a plane!  I remember as a non-smoker it was horrible, as soon as they were able to, people would spark up!  

I remember getting  the bus for 20p! 

I remember being smacked by my teacher in infants school for not paying attention and picking a scab on my knee! Can you imagine that now! Although I am all for more discipline in schools I'm afraid but not teaches smacking kids!  Although in my day, teachers could comfort children without worrying they were being to hands on and they didn't have to have permission to apply sun cream to kids.

I remember being able to go up the day before and getting a temporary passport to fly really easily.

Do you remember the time when as kids we spent more time outside then in?  We hardly spent time indoors, we were always out cycling around or just playing outside.  Was it any safer then? Probably not but there never seemed to be a worry about us being outside.  Although now a days kids attitudes have changed but also adults attitudes towards kids have changed to.

How about the time before mobile phones?  At the weekend I was talking to my friend and her mum and we were laughing about us as young teenagers.  We never had mobiles so we would have to pick up the phone and call a friend if we needed to talk to them.  The fun of getting a surprise knock at the door to see if you could come out to play. Now kids/teenagers just text each other!  My mum and dad use to know all the kids I use to hang with because of the fact they had to come an knock.  For the parents out there of teenagers, do they have mobiles and if so do you feel you get to know their friends less because of it?  It is handy as it's a means of keeping in contact with them.

That's it for today, hope your enjoying the sunshine!


  1. The price of those knickers,they're having a laugh! You're so right about kids texting and not coming to te door it was a great way to vet who your children were out and about with.When I was youg,long before you,all the school holidays were warm and dry I remember the tar bubbling on the road it was so hot.

  2. Like Anne, I can remember the tar bubbling on the road. Sadly though, I can remember bus fares being 2p - I'm much older than you! Lovely post : )


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