Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blogging from A to Z, V is for vocation

  1. A strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.
  2. A person's employment or main occupation, esp. regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication.
calling - profession - occupation - trade - metier

V is for vocation.  Deciding what you want to do in the future as a child, isn't always easy, as children we have our little ideas, some want to be ballet dancers, some astronauts even the odd cowboy.  Did you have any idea what you wanted to be when you grew up as a child? From what I've seen of my friends teenagers and my niece and nephew it's a struggle for them when they get to the age that they have to start thinking about their futures unless they have something they are particular interested in.  Or they want to follow in their parents footsteps.

I have always loved animals and as a child I was drawn to becoming a vet.  I consider this job for many years but as I got to senior school, I realised I wouldn't hack the 7 odd years it would take to do it.  I also realised I wouldn't ever be able to put an animal down myself, even though I know it is sometimes the only answer.

From the age of about 12, when I got to senior/high school I soon found myself drawn to another job, nursing.   Once I had made my mind up it, it just felt right so that is where I set my sights.  For a very short while I also considered teaching and physiotherapy but quickly realised those wouldn't suit me. My heart and head were set on nursing.  So that's what I aimed for and went from high school to college, then to university and I've been nursing ever since, this year it will be 15 years since I qualified as a nurse and I love it more then I ever have.  I am lucky to have a job I love and a work place I love working in, with the best work buddies, one of which is one of my best friends.  I do get Monday morning blues as anyone does but once I get to work I soon forget about them.  My job is very rewarding (well most of the time, sometimes it's very frustrating).  Only yesterday one of my patients came in and said, 'I specifically asked for you, I've been feeling so bad and I knew you would listen to me'.  I was really touched that she felt that way and that she felt I was the person she needed to see.  People often say nursing is a vocation and for me that's what it was.  I actually feel proud that as a girl growing up I decided on nursing and that is what I worked hard for and achieved.  Not everyone who knew me thought I would but I proved them all wrong! 


  1. Well done you! "If you can love your work, then you'll never work a day in your life." That's a famous quote, but I've no idea who said it (could even have been my dad lol)- it's so true : )

    1. Ah thanks Amanda! Great quote and so true :)

  2. Kate, that's so lovely! I wish you were a nurse at our practice, as nice as they (some of them) are.
    It's lovely that you always knew what you wanted to do, I didn't, I was useless!
    Ciaran always said he wants to be a vet but couldn't put an animal to sleep, neither could I although anything in the caring profession would be useless for me.
    It's brilliant that you enjoy your job!

    1. Thanks Hun! I am lucky knowing what I wanted to do, it's quite rare I think. That's sweet of you xxx

  3. That's really awesome! I'm still trying to figure it all out.

    1. Ah thanks Danielle, I'm sure your not alone x

  4. Oh that's so nice that the lady asked for you must make you feel you're doing something right.Our pratice nurse is lovely too. I wanted to work for someone who travelled all over the world as I wanted to go to so many places.I nearly went for a pre-nursing course but then I saw they had a nursery nurse course and that's what I did,I would have loved to have taught in Primary school but was so desperate to leave I didn't take highers. My vocation is children it's something I'm good at,anyone's children, I can usually make them behave and love doing arts and crafts stuff to keep them occupied.My dad once said there was no way I was going to work at looking after children for people who go out to work and I had to train to be a real nurse,I just laughed and did my own thing and I'm still doing it.

  5. I bet you would have been a brilliant teacher. Working with kids is another job, I'd say working with children is definitely a vocation! When I was 18 and applied for my nursing course I applied for children's nursing but when I was offered a place they felt I would be more suited to adult nursing! Hmm not sure what impression I gave. It was actually the best thing as I now realised that its what was best for me. I love kids and I'm good with them but children's nursing is a whole different board game.


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