Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Blogging from A to Z, T is for tom boy, toys and the test card girl

I have always loved pretty, girlie stuff and that was no different as a child.  I liked all the typical girlie stuff but I was also a tom boy.  If you've read some of my other posts you will know getting up to mischief wasn't unusual to me.  My friends and I loved to go exploring, whizzing round on our bikes. Stopping off by the local river and seeing what we could catch.  Do you remember fishing for Sticklebacks?  One of my friends and I use to pretend we were playing catch near a grassy wild area and we would pretend to loose our ball in there and have to go and fetch it.  We use it as an opportunity to see if we could find any frogs and interesting insects.  How things have change, I still love adventure but there is no way you'll catch me picking up frogs now!

T is for toys!  In my research for my posts I've come across lots of toys and games I loved as a child, now some of these I may of been lucky to own else they were ones I would fawn over that friends had or I'd seen on TV.  I'm sure you'll find something from your childhood amongst these. So here's some toys from that were around when I was growing up, some are still going strong too.

Cabbage patch dolls, everyone remembers these don't they?  I was luck enough to own one but her name completely escapes me.

I loved the Care bears, Grumpy bear was my favourite for some reason.

I'd forgotten all about this game but definitely remember playing this as a child.

Fluppy dogs, I had either the blue or the purple one, can't quite remember.

Glo worm and friends

Kerplunk, I remember playing this at my friend Niks.

My little pony, did you remember the theme tune for the cartoon?

Strawberry Shortcake,  I love the fact she smelt of strawberries.

Did you ever have a go on a Pogo ball? They were so tricky, I never actually managed to master one.

Pound puppies, I think there were cats too.

Ah Rainbow Brite, I'd forgotten all about her. I had the white fluffy teddy, they were called Sprites.

Everybody loved/loves space hoppers! They were great fun!

Another things I'd completely forgotten about these, I loved Wuzzles!  I had a book about them too.

I came across so many toys for the 80s and 90s, so had to stop somewhere. Any of your favourite toys from your childhood I've left out?  All these great pictures were from http://www.liketotally80s.com/80s-toys.html so hop over there if you want to do some reminiscing!

Who remembers the test card girl?  I know there are many of you out there who remember when there  were only had 3 TV channels!  That was in the mid 70s.  I was born in the late 70s, things have  changed so much since then.  I can only really remember TV since the 80s but compared to what we have now, wow!  I'm not sure how I'd manage without my sky plus, lol!

From the archives


Loved this film, Teen witch.



  1. The card thing freaks me out! Did it not ever freak you out!? I still collect care bears! My little pony- my daughter loves her of course. I was a bit of a tomboy now it''s all pink pink pink! x

  2. I've always loved toys if you coukd see the amount of toys I have in my house for my granddaughter and toddler boy I look after. I took my daughter to see Care Bears Live when she was about three she was so excited. She had glow worm and pound puppy's. you are bringing up so many memories for me during these posts Kate.

  3. I was a tom boy, too, but I never had much to do with frogs. I'm amazed at how many of those toys have made a comeback. Smurfs, too :-)

    Have fun with the rest of the challenge!
    Jenny at Choice City Native

  4. I hate that test card girl! Whenever I used to wake myself up early at the weekend to watch telly she was always gimping me out before they started! How I used to love getting up early for kids programmes!
    I am so jealous at all of your toys! I want a big box of them now! Wouldn't that be fab?
    I'm going to miss your posts!
    ps - I'm singing Trapdoor now :D xxx

  5. I loved getting playing in the dirt, in a pond, climbing trees and getting into mischief as a kid but now as an adult I am less inclined to do so. It is sad to think how much childishness we lose as we grow up - and not always in a good way


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