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Blogging from a to Z. L is for love, loss, libraries and lacrosse...


L is love, loss, libraries and lacrosse. Now that's an odd selection isn't it?  So what have I got to say about love? Well firstly I being overly generous using the word love, you see I'm talking about my first boyfriend. I was 15 and there was a group of us who use to hang around together.  We'll call said boyfriend Bob for the purpose of this post.  Bob was a sweet lad but I don't think I actually liked him in a boyfriend sense but I kind of wanted a boyfriend as you do so said yes when he asked me out.  It was more a case of a bunch of friends that use to hang out and a few of us had paired up as boyfriends and girlfriends.

This is the song he bought me for valentines day, in fact all the boys bought the girls this song that year.

Shanice I love your smile

This leads me on to my next memory which is loss.  Ok this is an unusually sombre for my a to Z posts but it is an important memory, so apologies but it will perk up again I promise. As I said there was a bunch of us who use to hang out. One afternoon we had some shocking news that one of the lads had sadly died, he was 15 too.  It was such a surreal experience, one we never thought we would be going through.  A few of the boys went out and were driving a motor trike thingy around the park, two were on it and they went over a hump and didn't realise there was a small fence on the other side and they hit it.  Both boys came off, one was ok but sadly the trike landed on the other boy Paul and he did not survive.

A random tragedy, it's so strange to think that happened 21 years ago.  Not an experience a bunch of 15 year olds expect to go through.  I wonder how his poor family are now.

Ok that's enough sadness, lets pick things up and move on to another one of my L words. Libraries.  I love libraries now and always have done.  In the early years of senior school I often spent time in the library, I used to love (and still do) the tranquil feeling in libraries.  It was here that I discovered one of my favourite series but that is for another letter...

Did any of you play lacrosse in school? I was never very sporty through my school years. I did use to like netball and basketball but that was it for me.  I hated having to play lacrosse., especially in the winter.  Getting your fingers whacked by a lacrosse stick when they're icy cold is not my idea of fun,  It seemed down right ridiculous they made us play it in the cold weather, in fact I'd go as far as to  say the teachers were sadistic! 

From the TV archives

Does anyone remember Wordy from Look and Read and watch this at their school?

Look and Read was a programme by the BBC to help improve children's literacy skills.  It is the longest running nationally broadcast programme for schools in the UK.  The first one aired in 1967 and if the ever reliable Wikipedia is correct the most recent one in 2004.

I hope everyone has lovely weekends. A break tomorrow and then we have the letter M.  Feel free to drop by tomorrow as I'll still be posting.


  1. That's so sad about your friend, i hope his family have healed over time.
    We didn't have lacrosse but I guess hockey is a bit similar? I sort of liked that but netball was my thing despite refusing to join the team (i hated the girls in the group lol)
    Have a lovely weekend x

    1. I know, it's sad to think of the family bless them. Yeah it's kind of similar. He he, you can't be joining teams with girls you hate ;)


  2. Oh Kate, that's awful re your friend. I lost my friend when I was 15 and she 16 in an awful car accident. I'd lost my dad 3 years earlier but with Cassie it was different, my dad was in his 60's - she wasn't.

    We too didn't play Lacrosse but I loved hockey - I was mean with a hockey stick ;)


  3. So sad about your friend, when something like that happens in youth it always stays with us. In first year at high school my form teacher got married during summer and went to Bulgaria on honeymoon, her and her husband were both drowned at sea. It was front page news and the whole school was shattered. We had given her a gift and tea party before she got married so we had to cling onto the good memories.
    On a brighter note I worked in a library for about seven years one minute from home and next to children's school, they spent their summer holidays at work in the library with me I loved it,then council closed it down.

  4. It's always sad when a young person dies. I too love the sound and smell of libraries although they do sound and smell differently these days. They're not the hushed bookie places they once were.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I was really moved.


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