Sunday, 18 March 2012

I had to do it, I had to jinx myself!

Well before I start on what I want to talk about today I want to say Happy Mother's day to my wonderful Mother.  She really is the best and I am sincerely grateful for all the help and support she gives me.  Two and a half weeks ago she had a knee replacement, initially she had a tough time but is now recovering well. It will be so good to see her being able to walk better and not be in as much pain as she was before the op.  Below is a  picture of my lovely Mum.

Ok so down to business, as the title of today's blog suggests I've gone and jinxed myself.  MS has reared its ugly head.  That'll teach me for bragging how well things have been.  I was beginning to forget about MS but it seems it felt it was time to remind me its still there and hasn't really left me.  Of course I know I haven't really jinxed myself.  It'all rather annoying but I should be grateful that this is the first problems I have had in a year and it appears to be nothing too serious.  I have pins and needles from my head to my toes, literally down my whole left side.  I'm soooo grateful it's not my right side being right-handed and all that.  I spoke to my MS nurse, which made me laugh because I'd already done everything she wanted me to do.  She said I was such an easy patient!  Think my symptoms may have been triggered by a urine infection so having a course of antibiotics and if things haven't settled down after that got to give her a call back.  I only saw her for my review on the 9th March and I told her how well things were going and apart from my small residual problems that are always there, I'd had no major symptoms.  Spoke all to soon.  Well I'm pretty sure it will all be back to normal in a week or two.  I did get the old anxiety gremlins going but I have managed to calm them all down again. It just scared me because I didn't want to have to take any time off sick, but it looks like I'll be able to manage with the symptoms I'm having. It was all just a bit unexpected which I know sounds silly as I have MS and this is the nature of it.  I have relapse remitting MS but I was kind of hoping that I would experience more of the remitting than the relapsing.  C'est la vie.  Well, one blip in just over a year is not bad at all and hopefully it is just a blip triggered by an infection.  Hubby wasn't too happy with me as I was suppose to have contacted my GP to organise some new tablets because it appears I am not emptying my bladder completely which puts you at risk of developing urine infections.  Oops, I hadn't got round to sorting new medication out and look what's happened.  I shall sort it all out tomorrow though.

Well hope all the Mothers out there have had lovely Mother's Day and if you're not a mother hope you spoilt yours.


  1. I'm so sorry you'e been unwell, I thought I hadn't seen you on twitter these past few days. Don't let your imagination run riot,it's very easy to do.Just deal with whats wrong right now and get it sorted out. I have not been in hostital for two and a half years and for years and years I was in every three months.I know when eventually I do have a bad chest infection it will hit me with a sledgehammer,I will convince myself that my CF is getting worse and I'm going on the transplant list.That may never happen and we all need someone to tell us to ,slow down ,deal with the problem and take all your meds and don't let the thought of what may or may not happen get the better of you. I hope you feel better soon and make that drs appointment.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. Yeah been really busy this week and on top of things not feeling well, I have missed everyone on Twitter though. Oh yes my imagination does try to run riot at times but Hubby usually helps to reign it in. That's great advice, I'm sure it will all pass over soon x

  3. Morning Kate...
    Hope you're feeling a little better today? You really can't get stressy about taking time off work, you know as well as I that you need to rest some symptoms out or they won't go as fast as you want them to! Lecture over. Drink plenty (like I needed to say that?)

    Glad your lovely Mummy is recovering nicely, hope it's done her lots of good when she's all better.

    Your anxiety will surface from time to time, I know mine does. Horrid little beast it is!

    I'm here if you need anything honey love always xxxxxx


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