Saturday, 10 March 2012

All Tickety Boo!

Yesterday I had my what should of been 3m review with my MS nurse yesterday but it's actually been just under 6m since I last saw her.  I am extremely pleased to report that all my blood tests were normal and apart from that nothing else exciting to report.  So that can only be good. Things are ticking along very nicely indeed on Avonex.  I still take about 2 to 3 lots of painkillers the day of injection to manage some achy joints but effects are minimal.  Although I am get pretty tired that afternoon/evening after work and could quite easily fall asleep on the sofa.  It definitely works well for me having the injection first thing in the morning before going to work as being at work takes my mind off things (obviously this is possible because effects are minimal).  As I said being at work takes my mind off things and I often forget for at least a few hours that I have had my injection.  I see patients up until 12:15 and its only after that time that I usually suddenly think 'oh yeah had my jab today, that's why I'm feeling a little achy now'.  I then take another lot of paracetamol or ibuprofen and carry on with my afternoon which very luckily for me finishes at half 3 and I can head off home to start my weekend.  Woo hoo! Alright for some eh!  Towards the end of the month it will be a year on Avonex and it's so wonderful that the reactions from having it are settling and its keeping my arch enemy, the villainous MS at bay.  I tell you what one injection a week is a small price to pay to keep my health on the straight and narrow.  This leads me to the fact I often feel like a fraud.  I am very grateful things are well under control and MS isn't having any major impact on my life any more.  If you took a look at me you would never guess I had a 'chronic disease', I have not been left with any disability post relapses.  My jaunt with MS has so far been I suppose fairly straight forward.  I first had problems in 2006, had tests done, knew that MS was a possibility.  I happily plodded along until 2010 when I had my first relapse, recovered, 6m later another relapse, recovered , 6m later another relapse, again recovered and then started on DMD's.  Other people are left in limbo for many years or have to fight to have drugs to help with their MS.  Thankfully for me I wasn't left in limbo and I didn't have to fight to be put on DMD's.  Saying that it has been a struggle at times and far from easy, I'm just lucky I have made it through the bad times unscathed.  Unless I have to really admit defeat I'm not the sort of person who will let MS get the better of me.  For example during a relapse back in June 2010 which was affecting my speach and balance I went on a 'wilder' camping trip with Hubby and Spike.  It was an official campsite but we stayed under the stars in our hammocks with a tarp over our heads in the woodland near the campsite.  Never mind the fact I was in the middle of a relapse and when walking had to stop walking every so often because I could feel my co-ordination and balance going.  I wasn't going to let a little thing like that stop me from going on holiday and enjoying myself! No siree! It helped that Hubby does all of the hard work and keeps me safe.  Here are some pics of our trip and where we were camping.  In fact if you want to see more click on the photo on my sidebar called ' Camping at Lone Wolf in Wales'.

So I hope things will continue to be all tickety boo for a long time and I continue to evade that notorious villain, MS!  


  1. So glad everything is going well for you health wise. about 25 yrs ago a friend of ours was diagnosed as having MS and I know it can go up and down and he had a real fight to get the right treatment. My daughters friend had recently been diagnosed, she's seeing her to night so I'll find out how she is,She had just finished a four year uni course and qualifield when she was diagnosed. You would never think by looking at me that I have Cystic Fibrosis and took look at me you wouldn't belive it,even when I'm ill I look healthy. So don't worry about feeling a fraud ,everyone is different and we just have to deal what's happening to us at any time.

  2. Glad everything was good with the nurse and you're doing well on Avonex. Can't believe it's been nearly a year! It shows it's doing its stuff...good!
    Anne's right, you're not a fraud! You're just getting on and living life! xxx


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