Sunday, 14 April 2013

A little catch up

I've missed just having a chat on my blog what what with the busy schedule of the A to Z challenge.  I am enjoying it and I've met some lovely bloggers but it's not easy.  So what's been happening in my world? I'm having a busy April with weddings, birthdays and even a craft exhibition.

*Warning, pic heavy post*

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have a long weekend off, which meant after Easter I only had a 2 day working week!  On the Thursday, I braved my first craft/sewing exhibition on my lonesome   As I say it was my first but very possibly my last.

Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Show
I was so excited about going to this show but unfortunately it wasn't the experience I'd hoped for.  I have been to numerous exhibitions and shows but I have never experienced the killer instincts of fellow craters!  I am telling you they are deadly.  One track minds, they see something, they push and shove until they get to want they want.

Ok I may be slightly exaggerating but not completely.  I was hoping to have a potter around, buy myself a couple of treats, maybe learn a thing or two and meet some new people.  There were lots of wonderful things I wanted to buy and lots of people there but the women, (they were pretty much all women) were so rude or maybe just inconsiderate. I was in the minority of people who seemed to consider others around me.  At one point when I was queuing to look at something and a woman tried to barge past me and I ended up being quite shirty, saying 'I am queuing you know'.

I was chatting to a man on one of the stands about how the women were and he said it's the type of people they are, he felt they were so focused and had one track minds when they were there they just forgot about what was going on around them!

Well that's enough ranting, with all the stresses of the show I still managed to enjoy myself and bought a few lovely items.

These fabrics are so gorgeous.  I want to make a phone case or small bag with the owl fabric, a sewing machine cover out of the patchwork one and a holder for my scissors out of the cream fabric with scissors and sewing bits on. Who knows what 'll do with the black one.  I also bought some pretty trims and charms.

I've got plenty off stuff for doing some sewing and craft projects, just no time.  I think that will all have to wait till May.

On the Friday we went to Hubby's cousins wedding which was lovely, it was in a lovely hotel and we treated ourselves to a nice room as it was my birthday on the Monday.  We had a lovely 4 poster bed.


On the way back we decided to stop off in Warwick, which is a lovely historical town.  We hope to go back soon to have a proper look around and visit Warwick Castle. We  went to a gorgeous little coffee shop and Pete bought me a couple of things to add to my sewing store and a cute little pin cushion.


Now this last picture is something that made me laugh, the Chinese takeaway in Warwick, I not to keen on the name Pawpaw, what with the Chinese's history of eating dog!

As some of you may know I'm participating in the Blogging through April A to z challenge so if you fancy checking out any of the posts or missed any look at the labels section in my sidebar.  Talking about the A to Z challenge I need to write my next posts.


  1. Oh Kate - what a lovely week!
    Hmm...the craft fair sounded...interesting! I can so imagine these women at their stitch & bitch clubs! ;) xx

    1. Ha ha! Indeed. I did have a lovely week thank you. TBF I think these women were just so focused on things they wanted to buy they forgot themselves a bit. Just got fed up of people not watching where they were going etc.


  2. Hmm... I used to do Craft Fairs ( I made patchwork children's jackets designed round my daughter) From what I remember, people were lovely --things must have changed since those days. Shame!!As for the A-Z, good luck. I'm trying to get round as many b;oggers as I can..but it's equally hard work!!

    1. Firstly your doing a grand job getting round people's blogs! Well done. It's not easy keeping up with blogs etc is it. This week is going to be difficult for me as final preparation for my friends hen do and then it's the hen weekend, so going to have to be super organised. Your a woman of many talents!

      As I said to Donna, I think it was they were all so focused on what they wanted and excited about being there they forgot themselves and what was happening around them. This was a largish exhibition, craft fairs I've been to have always been nice and friendly. I was just a bit disappointed as I was hoping to make some new friends but really it's to busy for all that.

      I'm sure I'll go to others...

  3. Great pictures! Looks like a fun place to visit. Sorry about the craft fair visit. I've never been to one, but I think if I had the same experience, it would be hard to go back. Very awesome fabric finds though!


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