Thursday, 21 June 2012

How To...

This is the first of my 'How To' posts.  As I do more you will be able to find them under the label How To.  Hope it's helpful.

Take a peek to your right and just slightly down and you will see my recent comment widget, I've called it Awesome comments, Awesome people.  I love this widget, it's a great addition for your sidebar.  It displays 5 of the most recent comments on your blog.  I found this widget on Aumkar Thakur's blog,  lordhtmol.  This is a really simple one to start with, just click on the link to and follow his instructions.  He's made it extra easy and rather then having to copy and past the html you just have to click on the add to blogger button and it's all done for you! (I think he has a code for wordpress people so check his blog to see).

So once you get to his blog you click on add to blog button:

To Add Recent Comments Widget To Your Blog Click On Below Button                   

Powered By- Lord HTML

You then get a box like this:

when you get to the above box you can edit the title and then add widget.  So simple to install and I think it looks great. I think it's nice that people can see who's been commenting on your blog and it looks good with the avatars.  Thanks for that lordhtml. 



  1. You're a genius! The most geniuserific genius of them all! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

  2. That's very generous Honey but can't take credit:) Just letting people know about and how to add this great widget from lordhtml to blogger (can be done to wordpress to I think) xxx


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