Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Happy in my heart

It's around half seven in the evening, I'm driving home from work and not for the first time I'm happily smiling to myself.  Why you may ask?  I'm on my way to a houseful, Hubby, Spike and The Olds (playful term for my parents) and it makes me happy in my heart.  I'm always happy to get home of course but twice a week I do a long day and on these days it feels particularly good to be getting home.  This is not because I've just worked a 10 hour shift but because I'm happy and I find it hits me the most when I'm driving home at this time.  MS or no MS I love my life.  Now it's far from perfect and as with lots of others there is plenty of stress but I still love my life. If I could choose I would choose life with out MS but then again because of MS I have made some wonderful friends, so having MS is a negative thing but there have been positive things that have come out of it.  Now some may say it's easy for me to be positive as MS hasn't had as big an impact on my life as others.  Now I am so very grateful that MS hasn't caused any permanent disabilities for me but it hasn't always been as good as it is now.  I have been through tough times during my relapses but thankfully these times have passed.  Recently there was a post on the MS Society Facebook page.  They asked people if any positive things came out of being diagnosed with MS.  There were a lot of people who made positive comments who could see past the negative aspects of MS but there was a lot of negativity from people.  We all have the right to feel what we feel and I appreciate that some people don't feel that there is anything positive that has come after being diagnosed by MS but there were suggestions that it was a stupid question.  I don't think it was a stupid question.  Often on forums and websites, because of the nature of MS and how it affects people, a lot of the posts are about sad/stressful/upsetting things because people are looking for support and advice so it's nice to have something to cheer people up and get them thinking about positive things.  I think it is important to try and look at the positives in life.  Some of the more positive comments made me laugh and I also admired the people that wrote them, for the way they looked at life.  For those who were quite negative I can understand and fair enough if that's how they feel, that's understandable but to almost get angry for someone to encourage positivity I'm afraid I don't agree.  Positive or negative, either way we have the right to feel what we feel and should not discourage others from trying to bring some light in how ever small a way into what could all too easily become a very dark world indeed. Having said all that I am still happy in my heart that I have my little world and all the positive things out weigh the negative.

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