Sunday, 5 June 2011

Doing my little bit for MS

I got carried away with talking about Hubbies new job and I completely forgot to mention I spent a couple of hours on Saturday collecting for the MS society.  I'm glad I did it but I got to tell you I felt so awkward standing there hoping people would donate.  I took my dog Spike (with the hope he would attract some attention) and I had my lovely orange tabard with the MS society logo on and my collection tin and I stood awkwardly but patiently outside a boots in one of the local areas, Purley to be more precise and hoped that people would pop a few pennies in my tin. Unfortunately it was very quiet and lots of people would either pretend not to see me or didn't actually notice me (although hard to miss in a bright orange tabard).  There were a few generous people,  some people who were just walking by and I also  managed to get a few donations from the men going in and out of the betting shop which was next door to boots, but all in all I probably had less then 20 people donate money, which is kind of sad.  Every penny counts though, they all add up to more.  I've been meaning to do some volunteer work for my local MS branch for ages now so I am glad I have done a little bit and I will be looking into what more I can do.  I'm afraid I won't be to keen to collect money again I (although I am sure I will), I just felt really uncomfortable standing there, I did my best to keep a smile plastered on my face, I didn't want to put people off although it possibly made me look like a mad women, but I hope not. I'm not sure standing there with collection tins is the best way to raise money but I suppose if there is several people doing it in different places then it all adds up, it would probably help to be positioned somewhere which was busier. I would like to actually do something in the future to raise some more money, I think I shall either get more involved or plan something of my own for next MS awareness week, I best get my thinking on,  I'm sure with in the year I can come up with an idea ;o)


  1. Sorry I haven't stopped by for a while, I hope your doing okay and hubby as well.

  2. Hi Mary, Thank you, we are both well, very good actually as hubby's new job is going really well :o).

    Hope you are well too?


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