Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Here I am again....

Well hello again to anyone who may be following my blog or who checks in on it every now and again.  Life has been pretty manic hence my non-existent posts. But here I am again, so what's been happening in the exciting world of me?  Well there's been days of drunken debauchery, lifts in police cars and an encounter with a leprechaun...... Sounds interesting?  Ok so that's not quite whats's been going on, similar but a lot tamer then it sounds.

Well one of the most important things for me is that my Avonex injections are going really well, which makes me a very happy bunny.  I have mentioned previously that I was going to do a blog about starting DMD's for the MS society but this hasn't gone anywhere as yet.  The whole webiste was being updated but it appears the new site is still not ready to go live (i's a pretty big job).  They are going to be using peoples blogs but who knows when, so I will now be able to talk about it on here.

I can't believe it was the beginning of June when I last posted anything, where in the world has the weeks gone?? Time really does flutter on by rather quickly, especially as they say when your having fun...... Last week we went up to delightful Aberaeron in Wales again to visit the out laws (well technically they are in-laws but I feel out-laws may better suited, lol!)  Had a fabulous time as always and for the best part of it the sun was shinning. It was nice to have a break and get away from the boring stresses of every day life for a few days.  We did the usual walking and exploring etc but also got to go to the local seafood festival which was an excellent day of eating and drinking lots of yummy things.....

This weekend has been one of reunions which has been so lovely. Firstly on Saturday it was a friends Hen do which was fantastic (and where the drunken debauchery and the leprechaun comes in).  We went Bowling, then for cocktails and then for a meal and dancing at an Austrian restaurant. It was such a good day and got to see some old work colleagues that I hadn't seen in a while which was fab.  The best part of it was my friends is Irish so she was made to dress up as a leprechaun (not a cute sexy one but a male one with a beard!) , bless her she loved it though.  Something which struck me whilst out and about in London was how difficult it was for someone with reduced mobility to travel by tube and train.  One of my friends that was there also has MS. She was diagnosed around 14 years ago and overall does very well but unfortunately was at the beginning of a relapse so her legs weren't too good. Trying to trek from tube to train and venue to venue was a nightmare for her, knackering.  You forget how far she have to walk at some of these stations. By the time we got to Bayswater where the bowling alley was she was worn out so she decided to get a cab to to the venue. I waited with her whilst the rest of the girls walked there. So my friend and I looked a bit of a sad pair standing in the pouring rain.  A police man who was parked up in his car opposite us called out of his window to tell us we would have more luck getting a cab further up the road, I went over to him and explained that my friend had MS and couldn't walk any further.  As a joke (well I meant it really) I said "you can give us a lift round the corner if you like..."  He laughed at me and told me he couldn't as there were four of them in the car. So that was that I thought but then  a few minutes later he called us over and said hop in and I'll drop you round the corner!!!  Bless the two officers in the back they were chucked out in the rain which at this point was hammering it down. How lovely was that though, bless them they were lovely guys.  Nice to know that chivalry isn't dead.  I did say they could pick us up too but they  just laughed that one off.  I suspect they would be a tad busier on a Saturday night.

On the Sunday went round to my cousins for my Uncles birthday which was lovely to catch up with the family as it doesn't happen very often.  It's the first time I've seen my cousin since she found out about my MS so she asked me how it all came about and I started to explain and bless her she got very emotional and started crying.  She then started my mum and my aunt crying too which ended up making us all laugh.  It's nice to know how much she cares though.  It's kind of funny getting that reaction now though because I've got use to things although it did stir up my emotions too but more so because of the offers of help and support if I needed it, which was good to here.

So things are going really well for Hubby in his new job and it looks like we may have a new addition to the family next week as Alfie the Springer Spaniel will be coming to live with us.  Alfie has been in training to sniff out dastardly bed bugs and will be Pete's dog in his new job.  I shall post some pics when we get him.

So that's all for now folks but I will be back soon so keep looking in.

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  1. I am so glad you had such fun with your girlfriends! My heart ached for your other friend with MS and I pictured the last time I was in London. I walked everywhere! Never gave it a second thought. Those will remain fond memories as now I use a chair. :( But I am determined to get back to the UK, which is just about my favorite place in the world.

    I am so emotional these days, I actually got teary when you said the policemen gave you a ride. Of course, what they should have done was given you a ride ALL the way to your destination!! lol But we won't quibble.


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