Sunday, 15 May 2011

Oh Dear

Oh Dear indeed. Whilst sitting in the bath relaxing I just thought of something I fancied putting on my blog and do you know what the  idea has gone clean out of my head, doh! I shall ramble on until the idea comes back.  Well another week has flown by and now another weekend too, where do the days go. Before I know it, it will be injection day.  I watched the Avonex DVD supplied with my information pack today. So getting myself all prepared for it.  Ah-Ha! The thoughts come back, I knew it would.  This evening I feel good inside because I've got myself all organised this weekend, done my housework, got my lunch organised for work tomorrow, caught up on my washing and actually put it all away too and I've had a nice relaxing bath.  People who know me well would say I am a very disorganised person.  Now it's not that I can't do organised, I think it's more to do with my terrible habit of procrastinating, (this was one of my new years resolutions, see 'That Sunday night feeling').  I have been better at not procrastinating but I still do it a little bit and I don't know why because I feel so much happier when I am all organised.  Well since we are nearing the middle of the year I feel it may time to evaluate how I have done so far with my new years resolutions, I fear I'm going to find, not so good.............

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