Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sod's law

You know, MS problems aside I'm rarely ill with coughs, colds and all those mundane things. I'm due my first Avonex injection and typically I've not been well for the past three weeks! I say not well I feel fine generally but I have a horrendous sounding chesty cough and constantly snotty nose, oh yes and  another UTI, that's two this year! Very annoying! My cough sounds like I'm a 50 a day smoker (I'm not), I think it's the snotty nose that's causing my cough because of a delightful thing called post-nasal drip, I shan't go into detail as it's fairly grim thought but I'm sure people can use their imagination if they don't know what I mean.  Rather then a virus or bug I suspect it's possibly hayfever causing my problems.  Just want it all gone by Thurs so feel ok for my injection.  Best not worry about it though, I'm sure it will all be ok.  So five days and it's full speed ahead with the injections, eeek! To be honest I feel ok about it all at the moment, but we shall see how I feel on Thurs.  I'm sure there will be several butterfly's scooting round my tummy ( well that's what it will feel like) when it gets nearer to that time.

It looks like I will be doing a blog for the MS society about starting Avonex, they liked what I sent them for my first blog so I think they'll be using it.  I'm just waiting to hear when it will be on there.


  1. Sorry your not feeling the best, I hope you feel better soon. That's great news about doing a blog for the M.S. society about starting on Avonex. Butterfly's in the tummy sounds like it would be fun! But I also know it's not much fun at all.

  2. Thanks Mary. I appreciate your well wishes. Considering all I'm not feeling to bad. It's nice to know someone is reading my blog, I appreciate your support. He he, on reflection I think you are right about the butterfly's they do sound fun I think possibly several bats flying round my stomach might be nearer the truth :o)

  3. Yes bats is nearer to the truth,it does sound nicer to say butterfly's. Most people I think try to find nice words to use when writing about bad and or uncomfortable things and butterfly's are pleasant to watch and don't hurt anything so using butterfly's doesn't make anyone uncomfortable, unless the reader knows and uses it as well. Thanks


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